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This may be the wrong place for this particular question...

In a discussion, a friend suggested I find out what industries have grown the most over the last few years. The discussion was more political than investing and it sparked my curiosity. What industries have grown over the past two years, what have declined? etc.

I don't have a clue how to do that research. I tried a couple tries with Duck Duck Go but didn't get anywhere. So, I thought... Hey!!! The folks at The Motley Fool would know.

How would you go about finding the answer to that question? I suppose the first would be to come up with a list of "industries" which I assume has been more or less done but I'm not even sure of that...

I hope this isn't too vague a question or I'm not asking how to compute pi to 12,000 digits.

Thank you,
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Define growth? Do you mean share price? Market cap? Earnings?

Standard and Poors (and others) break the market down into sectors. You can find data on the various sectors in considerable detail.

I suspect you will find the growth is highest in computers, electronics, and communications technologies.

But the data always get skewed by the new business growing from a very small base. Their growth numbers can be huge.

This data is only a starting point for your research. You really want to know which can continue that growth rate for the next say decade. That takes more of a crystal ball.
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Ahh... "sectors" ... just that is a big help.


I'll go poke around and if I have more questions, I'll be back.
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