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>True, but nothing can be simultaneously a triangle and not a triangle.

Clarify something for me. Do you consciously choose to believe this or is it something completely determined by non-conscious factors, like the landing place of a falling rock?

I consciously concluded it, which is something completely determined by non-conscious factors, like the landing place of a falling rock.

Yet superposition at the macro scale has been empirically demonstrated so as absurd as the Copenhagen interpretation may be, it is still the majority opinion of quantum scientists.

AFAICT, it is the most held opinion but not a majority opinion.
page 11

"What is your favourite interpretation of quantum mechanics?

Copenhagen 39%
I have no preferred interpretation 36%
Everett (many worlds/many minds) 6%
Information based / information theoretical 6%"

Reading your second link now - which says basically the same thing. 42% Copenhagen interpretation. Your poll is from 2013, mine from 2016...not sure if there is any statistically significant movement there. Not that it matters that much.

Superposition of states is not a case where both are simultaneously true. The particle is in a state where it is not in any classical state. It is in a quantum state. It has no particular location or momentum, or spin, or whatever quantum state is being measured. The same would be true for the cat's status as alive or dead.

I definitely agree that the universe is absurd by human intuition.

Incidentally, going down the Schrodinger's cat rabbit hole led me to an interesting paper:

ABSTRACT. The implications arising from the “Schrödinger’s cat”
thought experiment have led some authors to argue that observation of a
measurement by a conscious observer is required to collapse quantum
wave-functions. Here we combine Schrödinger’s experimental paradigm
with a system for splitting the information about the quantum state between
two observers, thereby allowing distinct outcomes to be recorded without
either observer knowing the state of the measured quantum event. Our results imply that to collapse a quantum wave-function, measurement alone,
rather than conscious observation of a measurement, is sufficient.

(From 2006)
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