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I don't want to make anybody feel bad but after spending the past week reading some of these posts I can no longer bite my tongue.

I am absolutely amazed by the number of people who apparently still have not caught onto the fact that this was all an April Fool's joke!! I mean really, not to be rude... but come on people WAKE UP!!!!! IT WAS ALL A JOKE!

Buffett buys Krispy Kreme -- APRIL FOOL'S JOKE.
Credit Card for Teens - APRILS FOOL'S JOKE.
Tom Gardner looking for hottie girlfriend story - APRIL FOOLS JOKE. (But I am still more than willing to step up to the plate should Tom ever come to his senses)

The same goes for any other April Fool's day stories I might have omitted. The stories appeared on the Motley FOOL on April 1st... APRIL FOOLS DAY. (Anyone seeing a connection here?)

Hopefully this has enlightened a few people and I won't have to read any more posts from people lecturing about the evils of teen credit cards.
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I just got back from vacation and got round to reading the article about Buffett buying Krispy Kream. Got a great laugh. Only thing is, my husband, being left in charge of the e-mail while I was gone and not being hip to other Motley-April Fool stories in years past, told a friend of the so called purchase. He in turn went out and bought some stock! Now I need to decided if I should tell the friend the Hole Story! Somehow it makes the story even funnier!
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