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Is it possible that Hansen still has upward potential? I expected the drop from 180+, but I feel the rapid rise since then is setting up for additional weakness. I know as a long term investor, you buy and hold good companies, but would you recommend investing new money into HANS at this time?

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Hi 7baker,

I think Hansen is still undervalued considering its growth opportunity. But yes, the price will be volatile along the way, so you could probably pick some up at a cheaper price. I do own some Hansen (Price basis around $136), and believe we will continue to see upward growth over the next few years. Here you will find my initial purchase write-up: The first write-up I did on Hansen is here: And here is my take on their latest earnings report:

Basically, as long as the energy drink market continues to grow, Hansen will do great. I haven't seen any sign of a slow-down in Hansen's growth in sales and market share, and they are diversifying their business every quarter as well, so when energy drink sales do slow down their growth won't take too large of a hit. I think we will have at least a 3-bagger in five years, and that is with my more conservative estimates. I think Hansen is the way to go if you need exposure to the beverage industry, as they still have a large amount of potential to grow.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


David K

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