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    I think in this time of unrest, hard assets such as gold, sliver, copper, nickle, and farmland will increase in value the most over the next couple of years.  Gold and silver stocks will follow the upwards trend as that old '70's beast ,stagflation lifts it's head again.


    Government is making inflation worse by cranking up the printing presses.  Government spending by earmarks totally out of control.  Now the government wants to return us to the crushing tax load by repealing tax cuts.  This will rip a hugh hole in the small business person's wallet.  Leading to greater economic weakness in the coming years.


   I was taught as a youth.  "Son there are only five lines of work that actually create a dollar's worth of goods that was not there before the work was done.  They are...

    The farmer, the rancher, the fisherman, the logger, and the miner."

   Most of these resources are renewable.  All of them rank amongst the most dangerous jobs done in USA, btw. 


    B-man Rick


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