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I am was tried to find some info about funds, in this case, its a mess in the boards, there is some post from 1997, and there is no drop down menu to select newest first!! its really hard to understand how to navigate and use boards. every time when I am open it, i need learn from beginning!!
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I'm sorry you are having difficulties. The boards are designed to be read from oldest to newest. There really isn't a reverse sort option. Having been on the boards for nearly 20 years, I am used to how they work, so the best advice I can offer is just give it time and you'll get the hang of things.

Who notes if you have specific questions, please post them and he (and others) will do their best to answer them...

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The only tip I can offer is to look toward the upper right and you'll see something like
Number XXXXX of YYYYY.

Type in the YYYYY entry and jump to the end (most current post) and read backwards.
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