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I think it somewhat presumptuous and inconsiderate to lump This Liberal together with those who 'Hate' Bush. The term 'hate' is a little harsh and lacks the nuance we unrepentant Liberals have come to favor. I would prefer to characterize myself as posessed of a terminal, intractable, visceral dislike of the little bastard and his so-called guts. An old grade school rhyme used to come to mind when I first heard of him pretending to a national office from the owner's box at the too-cutely-named Ballpark in Arlington: 'I do not like you Mr Bell / Why this is I can not tell / But this I know and know full well / I do not like you, Mr Bell'. Mr Bush has since gone on to fully flesh out this once vaguely-held, disparaging intuition.

I've met lots of first class, a-hole preppies in my life. One could not fairly hold their predestined economic birthright and insufferable genetic blueprint against them. The fact that Bush is an arrogant, smirking jerk who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth bears little weight in my final judgement. I'd feel the same about him if he were the red-neck, ignorant, white trash moron from Crawford, Texas that he pretends so successfully to be. I will resist the too-easy temptation to dislike him for his given bluenose roots and his tacky, insincere, populist pretensions.

I do dislike him because he is deceptive and insincere. He promised to be a 'uniter and not a divider'. Unlike his, my Momma don't have no stupid children. He knew full well before the election that his programs would be wildly divisive and politically contentious. His phoney claim to be a uniter is disingenuous, misleading and insincere. He has always been a right wing wolf disguised in moderate's sheepskins. One has but to look at his record as the quasi-impotent governor of Texas.

I dislike him because he is an unabashed extremist and comes from the Tom DeLay Wing of the republican party. This again makes a lie of his claim to be a uniter. He knew full well when he was appointed that the country was deeply divided politically. That he won by fraud is water under the bridge. That he won with a minority of the vote is most assuredly not a mandate to proceed with an extremist political agenda that favors the right wing religious fringe, the wealthy, Big Bidness and political cronies to an unprecedented degree. I dislike him because he totally blows off my half of the American World, me and the majority of Americans who voted against him and his transparently narrow political philosophy.

I dislike him because he is secretive and manipulative and seemingly afraid of having the light of freedom shine on his various political machinations. Smoke and mirrors and lack of transparency are hallmarks of his administration. He is hand-in-hand with business and lobbyists and political cronies in crafting legislation and policy that is overtly hostile to the interests that I and half of my countrymen hold dear. Several examples come to mind: The Cheney Energy Policy Group, the fraudulent run-up to the Bush Iraqi War, the misrepresentation of the costs of the Medicare Drug Bill are but a few of the most egregous examples of his deliberate, systemic duplicity.

I dislike him because he is an incurious, stupid man and because he thinks that I admire and share these intellectual shortcomings.

I dislike him because he took us to war in Iraq, essentially abandoning the mission of wiping out Al Quaeda in favor of an inferior mission that was doomed to political and military failure before the first shot was fired. He was not fed misleading intelligence unless by design. I don't care if he misread the intelligence, ignored it, manipulated it or manufactured it. The end result is a military, political and economic catastrophe for the United States, not to mention the victims of our largesse. Nearly a thousand military men and women lost to a false cause. Tens of thousands of Iraqi lives lost. The infrastructure of the country deliberately destroyed, its institutions decimated and rendered useless. Its cultural history rampaged. Our international reputation for evenhandedness and diplomacy devastated. The costs passed on to the unborn of future generations while the profits of war are passed out to political allies in the form of no-bid contracts, one of the largest benefactors thereof being his sinister, manipulative Vice-President who has the disingenuous temerity to disclaim any profit incurred by these most incidentally advantageous happenstances. Cheney arranged to have poorly-vetted intelligence stovepiped to an intellectually-challenged President for motives that are politically indefensible and morally suspect. If there is a man in this administration more worthy of hanging for treason than George Bush, it is Dick Cheney. I would wish upon him that his portable defibrillator malfunction and electrocute this malignant son-of-a-bitch to death. Bush the Compassionate might even mock his dying pleas for forgiveness.

I dislike him because, untrue to his alleged and phoney conservative roots, he has chosen to drive this country deep into an unforgiving debt that will be foisted upon the future generations that he claims to hold dear to his heart. I dislike him because he is a political coward: Rather that attack and defund programs that he finds politically unpalatable, he choses to run up a national debt so ruinous that none but the bare essential programs related to ill-advised overseas military adventures, payment of the national debt and the funding of a progressively-bloated federal bureaucracy have any hope of being funded. I am a medical man and a former diver by profession. I remember the cautions of an 18th century physician named Haldane who observed that lack of oxygen not only stops the system, it wrecks the machinery. This to me is representative of Bush's cowardly political attitude towards government programs that do not fall within his obsessively narrow definition of acceptable. Push the government deeper and deeper in debt by increasing spending and slashing tax revenues. Starve them. Wreck them. It used to be that a president could have a political influence far beyond his years by appointing a Supreme Court Justice of his political liking. George Bush has taken this a giant cynical step forward by literally bankrupting the country to the point that the government can afford only the most meager and basic of expenditures in favor of national survival and at the expense of the future generations he so obsequiously proposes to favor. It will take a generation to recover from this man's deliberate maliciousness.

There are not enough unfavorable adjectives to characterize this oh-so-little cowardly worm of a man. He is not worthy of the principles that characterize this great nation. He is the antithesis of what I would have as a leader in difficult times. He has squandered our national treasure. He has squandered out international reputation. He has squandered my faith in the President as a man worthy of respect and demonstrative of moral rectitude acting in the best interests of the Nation. He has squandered the flower of our youth in a cynical, ill-advised foreign war. He has made a mockery of the office to which he is clearly ill-suited. I am astounded that anyone, even the most cynical and jaded of brown-nosing syncophants, could still maintain that this man is worthy of public office, let alone the exhalted position to which he aspires for another four year term, no matter how illegitimate. If amy man could be called an insufferable slut, it is George W. Bush. We are all the poorer for his so-called service to our most unfortunate nation.

Later on I'll tell you what I really think.

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