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Have you ever known someone- male or female- embedded in an abusive relationship with someone who treats them like crap.

Lies to them constantly, but tells them that their friends and family are the liars.

After awhile they seem like they’ve lost touch with reality and it baffles you how they can’t see it and why they stay. You point out how this person has stolen money from others, cheated, assaulted innocents and is nothing like they said but STILL the abused defends them.

You’re baffled as to how they can be so divorced from reality. Boggles the mind.

This is how I feel talking to Trump supporters. Baffled at how they can’t see who he is despite the mountain of evidence.

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StockG:"This is how I feel talking to Trump supporters."

Sorry about that.

For Trump, we got tax cuts. more money in MY pocket.

For Trump - we have a soaring economy. 8 years of stagnation under Obama and he whined 2% is all that the economy is capable of. Nope, it's pushing 4% now. Stock markets up over the last 2 years and headed up up up.

We have talks with the Norks (north Koreans). We haven't given in to Putin. Nor to the Araba or Iranians. No American last policy of Obama and what crime family Clinton would be doing.

Yep, life is good, unless you're a welfare weenie/queenie or a border runner.

Come to think of it, food stamp rolls going down as MORE FOLKS have jobs.

Unemployment historically low for Hispanics and black youth! By far! Under Obama? nope.

So....with everything going in the right direction, why would libs still be crying int heir beer? Oh, right, their elites aren't lining THEIR pockets, putting Americans out of work, giving in to Putin, Iranians and the Norks. Their elites haven't killed the economic recovery and turned us into a socialist paradise like Venezuela. But why are they whining and rioting and crying in their craft micro-brewery non-GMO gluten free beer?

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Liberal Snobbery elected Trump.

And as a result you got 2 Superme Court Justice picks GONE and a plethora of other Federal judges were taken from you.

The minute you lose the snobbery, you'll get so much done on global warming, health care, etc.

But until then warm the earth. Good.

Hopefully it's too late to reverse effects of climate change. Surfs up!


PS: America's abused battered voters are twofold. Blacks who keep voting Democrat, and Southern White Christians who keep voting Republican. Both of their respective abusers see them as a nuisance, but use them every election cycle and keep them afraid, backward and poor.
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Come to think of it, food stamp rolls going down

Like everything Trump wants to create personal credit for, it's just part of more of the same trend created by Obama; and you're suckered by Trump everytime.
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