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Pregnant Texans Flood Out-of-State Abortion Clinics
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Pregnant Texans Flood Out-of-State Abortion Clinics

And soon, many of those clinics will be closed as well.

And then the online services that provide pharmaceutically induced abortions will be targeted….

And then, if only for reasons of self interest, America “might” wake up to what is being done to her…… hopefully…… and if it’s not too late.
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As a next step look for laws to criminalize those women who pregnancy is interrupted for any reason.

In other words sure you can drive to a democratic state or fly to a foreign country to get the abortion but you better not head back to Texas (etc.) -- If someone ever finds out you were pregnant you may have been reported to the authorities and charged with murder.

If you loose your baby because the pregnancy did not go well -- you might get charged with murder and have to higher a lawyer and prove in court that it was nature taking its course and not anything you did.
Expect every aspect of your life to be exposed and hope you did not have even a glass of wine before you knew of your pregnancy.

Then there are a lot of other rights that will soon be curtailed...
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