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I wonder if someone can help me. I saw/read/heard about a coalition of small businesses that pool their resources to purchase health insurance (as a group) from a choice of various providers. Apparently, they are privy to much better plans and rates. I don't think it was through a city's chamber of commerce, either. I remember it having an acronym as a name (POV or something like that).

I am interested in looking into this further if I can remember exactly what it is I am looking for! <grin>

Anyone know anything about this?


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I've heard of things like this too but couldn't tell you excatly where to find what you're looking for.

Interestingly, I'm finding that group plans may be easier to come by for the self-employed than first originally thought. For example, many professional associations offer group plans of some sort. I'm also told alumni associations for major universities sometimes offer insurance but it's a crapshoot as to whether the plans offered will provide group benefits. Syracuse U. (one of my alma maters) only offers individual plans for alums.

There's also a start-up company called Working Today ( based in New York that you may want to look into. The company's sole purpose is to help the self-employed earn group benefits. I believe they are also forming a lobbying outfit.

Hope this helps!

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"Danger, Will Robinson!"

Beware - see this site for some other views:

Caveat. I know NOTHING about the organization sponsoring the site - I did a google search on "group health insurance fraud" because I have read about this stuff in the past.

I'm not suggesting that they are all poorly run and about to go under, or are scamsters. Just that some are and you have to be REALLY careful.

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