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Stories of people fighting their insurance companies for treatment coverage.

Pregnancy loss, blindness, death.

And they had insurance.

If Canada can do it we can too.

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I've been on Medicare for 6 1/2 years. Never a fight over coverage. Used to have such stressful conversations with various non-govt insurers over the years.

Also...never paid a penny for the ER visit for my broken leg, 2 surgeries I needed, numerous orthopedic visits, and a huge and ongoing amount of physical therapy.
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Got 10 years to go till Medicare. If I could get it sooner would retire sooner.
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alstro, how did you dodge all the deductibles? You've really got me intrigued!
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Everyone's situation is different.

But retiring early, "managing" one's income, and collecting the ObamaCare subsidy ....

A "Gold" PPO for family of 4 nets out to $1400 per month. It's not as good as the private insurance one gets from an employer....but it seems to be accepted by the good hospitals though YMMV.

Also it gives more generic drugs versus brand names.

But - retiring and telling the world to screw off - - everyone has different priorities

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The only deductibles we have are for Part B. This year's annual deductible is $203 (per person). It goes up a few bucks every year. And drug copays, which seem to be about the same as we had with employer insurance. Also seems about the same push toward generics.

With supplemental insurance that pays the 20% deductible, we have no copays for doctor visits or even hospitalization.

Of course, Medicare plus supplemental costs more than employer insurance used to. But well worth it, especially considering we're older now and need more medical services.

For self-employed folks with individual polices, Medicare plus supplemental costs much less than they used to pay, especially in their 50s & 60s.
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I would recommend anyone on Medicare get one of the Medicare Advantage programs offered by the major insurance companies.
Many are available at low or no cost and provide a layer of management on to of your Medicare benefits.

The main advantages are:
... One interface for all your medical needs
... Access to physicians, many who do not take Medicare will take and insurance company MA plan and honor their rates
... Perks like Free Health Club Membership, some free allowance of OTC products, Free health screening and lots of annoying junk mail and phone calls
... They have the same drug benefit as Medicare, but usually tinker with the lower cost things like offering free tier 1 generics. If you take a mega expensive drug (>$4000) , base Medicare requires that you pay your way through the donut hole (25% coverage) until you reach the catastrophic coverage (95%). With high price drugs tis happens real quick so you have mega bills Jan & Feb before settling in at the 95% coverage. Some of these plans offer relief by spreading that cost out throughout the year. You still end up paying the same, but spread out
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