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This board is sure quiet since baldguy13 stopped coming around. I guess some people are good at starting conversations, and those of us who are left aren't.

Thanks for the kind words. I like to think it's just that I'm such an idiot that people can't resist saying something back to me… but hey, whatever works.

The History

So the last 18 months or so have been a roller coaster ride for me. I had a job I loved that let me travel all over the world. They went under. Well, not actually, but they stopped paying everybody, so after 8 months I finally called it quits. In August of 2004, I took another job selling printing. After 6 weeks, I got a job offer selling network infrastructure, which is what I really wanted to do. I put in my two weeks, and the owner told me that I could work the two weeks, but he wasn't going to pay me. And he didn't give me my final check either… nice guy.

So, I'm selling network infrastructure and services, and loving it. Good company. Been in business 13 years. Eight months into my employment, the owners called it quits with no notice. And, they going to keep the money the owe me. So my last three employers owe me total of almost $70,000.

So, what does that have to do with weight lifting? Well, in April of 2005, I was getting back into it hot and heavy after getting comfortable with the new gym (the Y). I was setting personal records in a heated competition with Erdrick. I was a champ. But with the long commute and kids running amuck in the gym, I had finally had enough of the Y. I stopped going. By November, my weight ballooned up to about 265, from the 225 I was at. I was starting to get winded with simple things like running (and sometimes walking) up the stairs. My definition was gone. I was eating Big Macs like they were going out of style. I guess, looking back at it, I was depressed.

In November I bought a membership at a new gym that was close to home. It's a real live gym with no kids, no pool, no basketball court, and no sand volleyball courts. Although I'm going to miss all those things, this is much cheaper and closer to home. I'm working 10 miles from home now, so time is not so scarce anymore.

Gym Experience part deux

I spent the first two weeks or so just getting back into the swing. God, did I hurt. I was walking around with every muscle aching more than I ever remembered. Meanwhile, my ego was hurting twice as much. Previously, my bench press was maxing out about 290, now I was struggling with 135 4x. I suck. My deadlift and squat were even more pathetic. I was deadlifting and squatting well over 400 pounds, now I was struggling with 185.

By December, I was feeling much more confident. My weights were going up and the DOMS was not nearly so severe. I was getting some cardio in and getting my wind back.

In January, I started a pretty severe routine that was more appropriate for an intermediate lifter, but I figured I'd either do it or die trying. I almost died. It involves lots of multi-joint exercises combined with supersets and trisets. My head glistens with large beads of sweat within a few short minutes. My cardio was starting to get better also.

On January 11, I started a competition that the gym sponsors. They figure out your body age based on lots of statistics. In 12 weeks they evaluate you again and give you point values for improvements. Winners get free memberships and swag.

My Measurements

Here's my stats as of 1/11 (the comparisons are to men my age (36)):
Blood Pressure: 131 over 91 (according to the doc a month earlier, it was 120/86)
Max VO2: 46.0 (this puts me in the excellent category, which surprised both me and the trainer)
Bicep Strength: 83 (Average)
Sit & Reach Flexibility: 9.6” (Poor)
Bodyweight: 259
Lean Body Mass: 199.4
Fat Mass: 59.6
Basal Metabolic Rate: 2822
Bodyfat: 23% (Moderate… once again, I thought it would be worse)
Chest Skinfold: 18.5 mm
Abdomen Skinfold: 41 mm
Thigh Skinfold: 16.5 mm
Recommended caloric intake: 4472
Body age: 38

Neck: 17.5”
Shoulders: 52.125”
Chest: 49”
Waist: 44”
Butt: 47”
Belly: 45”
Thighs: 28.25”
Calf: 16.75”
Knees: 17”
Arms: 15.5” relaxed, 17” flexed
Forearms: 12.75”

My body is out there for all to critique. I'll keep you up to date on my progress and let you know how I do in the contest. I want to lose 2# per week, but I'm off the pace already. I need to be down to 255 by Wednesday, and right now I'm at 257. Crunch time.

I remember when this board was 45 posts. We've come a long way.

I miss you all. You all helped me realize my training goals and keep me on track. This board kept me motivated. Hopefully I can return the favor.

To all our continued success,
-left shoulder strain
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