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Just got back from my son's wedding and found all the pictures on my wife's new iphone 8 were saved as HEIC and when downloaded to my PC are non-readable without some conversion program (for us Non-Apple computer folk). I found some paid converters available (there is quite a brouhaha on the web about this 'dirty trick' of Apple switching to a proprietary format for photos!) Also there some limited use on-line services (upload, then download) so I will eventually be able to get these photos into a shareable format. But gad, what a pain. As a linux user I found that the default photo handling app in Ubuntu (Shotwell) can read HEIC; the trick is getting linux to recognize the iphone -- sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Probably something to do with auto-mount order.

Meanwhile changing heriphone settings in the camera app to 'Formats| Most compatible' will supposedly stop the phone from using the HEIC format (albeit photos will take more space -- but what do I care about space; the Google Photos app backs up all my photos in high quality for free with no limits on storage space). My Iphone 6 doesn't know anything about HEIC.

My guess is that Google will eventually include a conversion program in their app/photo storage site. OneDrive supposedly converts photos automatically, but I don't use OneDrive.

Of course this all plays into my biggest gripe about Iphone updates, especially the camera/photo feature. Every update makes taking and managing photos more and more difficult for non-techie people. The self organization features makes finding photos you know are there more difficult all the time. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to turn off these 'improvements' on my wife's phone after every update. Sometimes I can't. Me -- I'm not upgrading from my iPhone 6 until Apple makes me -- in which case, if I have to learn all the new stuff, why not learn android? End of rant.

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Your rant does little to encourage me to take the effort to help you.

But I do have a suggestion: Why not get a Microsoft Lumia phone? It will look nice next to the Zune.
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No problem and I clearly labeled my message as a rant.
Besides I already laid out the solutions for those who want to avoid the problems I had.

It's just that i doubt that 5 percent of the affected Iphone owners know what lays in wait for them so perhaps this could be a cautionary tale. Had you even heard about HEIC before today? I guess since I spend most of my time in the open source world, I'm a little intolerant of such behavior.
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Had you even heard about HEIC before today?

Yes, I have. But not on my latest iPhones....Fix here:
Settings/Camera/Formats/Most Compatible,

Here are some suggestions to change your current HEIC images to jpg:

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