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Greetings to all Pro members, nice to be here! A little about my history with Motley Fool and what brought me here:
I initially joined Hidden Gems in, I think, 2002, after having been in the predecessor service to that for a short while. For years it was my only service,saw many changes in it's managers( Tom Gardner, Bill Mann, Seth, etc) and I mostly bought from those recs and was satisfied. Also learned a tremendous amount and became enthusiastic about the promise held by individual investing. I added Stock Advisor 6 or so years ago. I joined Options 4 years ago and have learned much from that and have partaken in many of their trades, and have learned( knock on wood) about how to go out on my own a bit with that. Then, I joined the Million Dollar Portfolio one year ago.
But I'm not sure I wouldn't have been better off just having put it into an index fund. Lol. Now I'm nearing retirement , hopefully in 5 years or less, and want to protect my and my significant other's funds....hence the promise and membership of Pro, with it's hedging strategies. It is somewhat at odds with what I have been transferring to in Million Dollar Portfolio, but I am thinking of using Pro for a taxable account of several hundred thousand, and keeping Million Dollar and Hidden Gems for my somewhat larger IRA accounts.
I'm still evaluating whether Pro will meet my needs.I am initially somewhat surprised that many of the long positions are not what I have been accumulating in the Million Dollar Portfolio, or from Hidden Gems,or SA,and are new names to me, such as VMI,VRSK,PRXL,BR,AMT, etc. I realize Pro is not limited to just recs from other MF services, and Pro and Jeff seem to have a good track record, and perhaps the other services take from Pro!
My desire is that I will do better than I can do on my own with MF idea services,or with just Million Dollar Portfolio, especially in limiting losses. In this way it can take the place of the traditional allocations you see these days, in which more and more of your portfolio is put into bonds, or other "safer " investments.
I look forward to all Pro has to offer!
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Hi John -

Welcome to Pro!

I appreciate you sharing your story, and I hope Pro fits what you are looking for. And don't hesitate to ask any questions as they arise.

Looking forward to seeing more of you around here!


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Welcome John,

Pro has concentrated holdings that are usually for long-term
investments, some 3 years and others here since the beginning. Use DRIPs or not with them. I only use a few of
the hedges. I have Pro holdings in both taxable and IRAs.

(I have had great success with BR as a DriP and leaving it alone,
and AFSI with strangles and writing covered calls when it is up and
selling puts on negative publicity. My basis in AFSI now is around $4/sh. ORLY was up 185% for me, but I added shares end of May, so now only up 81%. Of course I have had neg. returns on somethings.)

Have cash for market panic attacks.

There are many members who just stay with Pro and have decided
to leave some of the other MF services. That is because we are
the best. Just sayin'.

Do hope PRO fits your needs.

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