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hey my fool brothers,
I'm reaching out for a sort of unconventional type of advice.
I have noticed that many of the posts are specific and indepth and so I apologise for my very general post.

1.How do I organize myself?

2.How do I motivate myself?

I'm new to investing, business, and the "real world" for that matter, so any tips or specific advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again
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1.How do I organize myself?

Hi! I guess you're from Colorado?

I did one thing a long time ago that taught me so much. For six months straight I wrote down everything I spent and what I spent it on. I organized it into categories and saw where my money was going. That gave me a picture of myself that I still use to this day. Actually, I'm sure I would benefit from doing this again. It would probably be pretty easy now because I hardly ever use cash anymore and have good paper records created for me by the bank every month.

...know where the money goes...
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1.How do I organize myself?

I would suggest starting with the 13 Foolish Steps (you can find them in the Fool School area on this site). Like Miriam said, track your expenses, then set up a budget. Once you figure out what you have, where it's going & what your bills are, then you can proceed.

Good advice: Stay away, far away, from Credit Card Debt!!

Next step: Set an achievable goal (say, "trim expenses by 10% and maintain that spending level for 3-4 months" or "save $500 in 5 months"). Achieving this "easy" goal will motivate you to achieve another goal. Goals should be concrete ($500), achievable (if you make $600/week, you aren't going to save $500/week...not reaslistic!), and, at first, short term (6 months or less). After achieving those first few goals, set the bar a bit higher.......say $166.67/month towards an IRA (=$2000/year).

Setting goals, matching the $$$, and using the 13 Steps will set you on a road to a healthy financial future.

Fool On!

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