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(couldn't resist....anyone else with information is welcome to jump in
here, too...!)

The Given: 383-powered 1966 Chevelle Malibu
The Situation: Snapped Power Steering Brackets
The Result: Popeye-like forearms

On Friday, I picked up one of March Performance's P/S Brackets (P/N 20111).
This was necessitated by the jerry-rigged combination of brackets breaking.
This occurred because mechanic was in a hurry to get the car out of his
shop and forgot to put in the bolt that attaches to the front of the

(By the way -- nice piece, those...billet aluminum, looks sturdy and
brawny, but light!)

Bad News. The pump doesn't clear the steering box and I can't get the
thing mounted to the block. 3/8" and the laws of physics wouldn't be
invoked, but...there's simply no way.

Anyway, SB (et al.) -- does anyone know of an aftermarket pulley solution
(aside from March Performance and (?) Bill's Hot Rods) that might be

Much-O Gracias in advance!


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RE: " an aftermarket pulley solution "

Several times a month I get to use my famous line, "If the biker builder across the street ever goes out of business, I'm going to buy his shop and set somebody up in the business of selling nothing but fittings and pulleys. That way I can tell people, the guy across the street sells those, I don't."

Seriously, even on race cars that only have a crank, water pump and power steering pulley, getting a set to line up right is just a matter of chance. That's why they make shims. Mount everything up and shim everything out to the "tallest" pulley. Use a straight edge or something to make sure they're lined up perfectly.

You can mount the PS Pump on either the head or the block. Do you have AC? Are you using a stock GM PS pump? Check out a MOROSO catalog for a lot of quality pulleys and mounting brackets.

SB (or ask the guy across the street)

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Do you have AC?


Air conditioning on a steeet rod? Heresy! Besides, I think Markux has removed all the door glass to save weight.


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