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I'm having trouble coming up with reliable numbers for
 revenue, cost of sales and net income in order to compare this quarter sequentially to the 4thQ.

According to the press releases and 10Q's, the four quarters of last year looked like this:

          1Q          2Q          3Q        4Q
Rev.     20,048     23,930      28,363    33,359
COS      10,634     11,197      12,518    15,162
N.Inc     4,636      5,784       9,155    11,357

However, in the 10K the annual numbers are:
Rev.     108,562
COS       52,362
N.Inc     30,520

Whereas the quarterly figures added together give:
Rev.     105,700
COS       49,511
N.Inc     30,932

In the 10K, I couldn't find the 4th quarter results listed separately anywhere, 
and first assumed by subtracting the other quarters that the revenue was 36,221.  
The press release at the time and that of today indicate the lower figure is correct.  
Why the disparity?

Also, in today's release, the first quarter numbers from last year are given as:
Rev.     20,861
COS      11,384
N.Inc     4,554
...all of which are again different from the 10Q. 
What gives?  Can someone shed some light on this?
Thanks in advance,
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I noticed the same discrepencies.

I am not an accountant, but I assume companies can go back a restate figures if they determine that to do so would make the reports more accurate.

Good Luck

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You have to adjust for the acquisition of Nitres. The merger was accounted for using Pooling of Interests, historical financial data has to be restated to incorporate the merger. Of course, that doesn't mean they have to restate the numbers all at once. Cree is restating FY00's numbers as they report the FY01 numbers. Nitres was a really small company compared to Cree so there shouldn't be much of a difference in the top and bottom line figures.

Go with the most recent numbers, I'll post my spreadsheet later to compare notes.

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Thanks, madmarv.
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