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Gee, maybe Bannon shouldn't have shot off his mouth -- “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.” --about being at a January 5 Trump planning meeting targeted at overthrowing democracy and destroying the Biden presidency.

The select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol on Thursday subpoenaed four of President Donald J. Trump’s closest allies, ramping up its scrutiny of what the former president was doing during the deadly riot.

The committee issued subpoenas for information from Mark Meadows, a former White House chief of staff; Daniel Scavino Jr., a former deputy chief of staff; Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former adviser; and Kash Patel, a former Pentagon chief of staff.

The committee is seeking records and deposition appearances.

I can smell the sweat from here.

Previous pardons do not apply.

Pass the popcorn, please.
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Still saving my applause.

How about they get out arrest warrants for Rudy and Junior while pursuing enforcing those subpoenas?

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Still saving my applause.

Yep. Don't get me wrong - issuing subpoenas is a good step. But there's still a long way to go. An attempt to block some or all of the subpoenas is not going to surprise me. Those subpoenaed can slow walk the responses. Then the committee (OK - their staff) needs to read the documents. Then comes depositions and/or testimony.

In the mean time, the wheels sure seem to be turning slowly. The committee was formed almost 3 months ago. And they're just getting around to issuing subpoenas for documents and testimony from those who were in the room where it happened?

--Peter <== impatient at the moment
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If the Senate and House go back to GOP in 2022 this will all go away. : (
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Subpoenas are only worthwhile if they intend to enforce them with legal action for non-compliance.

The last time the House subpoenaed a Trumpee, it was ignored and the House did nothing.
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