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In the halcyon daze when America was great, income taxes were far more progressive, the highest bracket being 90%.

Let's make America great again via steeply progressive taxation (and fewer loopholes)!
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Sadly, someone can't do math.

Let's see...the first year you save $10,000 a day for $365 days. That gives you $3,650,000 to start with.

Now, just take that measly 3.6 million and compound it for 4000 11% annual growth rate - typical for the stock market/investments.

Wowie.....there's not enough money in the entire world ......for your fortune, right. It would double every 7 years.....

7 million in 7 years....14 million in 14 years.....28 million in 21 years....56 million in 28 years.....112 million in 35 years....224 million in 42 years.....500 million in 49 years...and you'd be a billionaire in just 56 years.....

Now, continue the compounding every 7 get to be a billionaire not long after....and before a thousand years are up, you have a trillion.....and before the second thousand years, you have a quadrillion bucks in your account.....

Why do idiots post things like the orig poster? Oh, right.....high schools don't even teach real math these days!

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