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Hertz may be a company that is very profitable, but it also creates at least some of that profit by changing reservations without the customers knowledge and forcing them to make "upgrades" if they want to have a vehicle that meets the specifications that were initially specified. This happened to me last year in Ireland and the "upgrade" cost nearly three times the previously arranged rental. I appealed to three customer service personal and they informed me that they could do "nothing about it." Needless to say, I will never again rent from Hertz or any of it's subsidiaries. Prior to this experience I was a frequent Hertz Gold customer, but that did not matter to them.
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Hi cog07,

One rental agency tried to do that to me several years ago. They said they didn't have the car I had rented in stock, so I'd have to upgrade. I told them that this was not my problem and that they were obliged to give me a car at the rate they had quoted, whether that was the original car or an upgrade. They caved and I got a Mustang convertible at the price of a compact (or whatever my original was).

If I were you, I'd try writing to the district manager or higher, explain how upset you were and your status as a long-standing Gold member, and insist upon a refund of the extra charges. If you have the original quotation to you, that's extra ammunition.

What they did to you was equivalent to a bait-and-switch and they're obligated to give you a car at the originally quoted rate. It's not your fault they didn't have any at that time.

While you may refuse to be a customer of Hertz in the future, it's not good investing to let one personal bad experience dictate your view of the merits of investing in the company. If you're a shareholder, that gives you extra ammo for your letter, too.

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience and good luck with any pursuit of getting some money back.

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