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Hey Dan,,,

Well, it sounds to me that you already have all the pieces in place to Synchronize all your e-mail accounts. Your GMAIL Supports IMAP and Import mail and contacts as well as Add POP3 mail accounts you own, and your INebraska/ISP supports POP3, IMAP and Web-Based e-mail, as well as Domain-Name Support, support if you want it:

The Following Accounts Include:

E-Mail Account (POP3 / IMAP)
Personal Web Space
Full Usenet News Access
Individual Technical Support
Shell Account

So, you can keep all your Accounts as Separate Accounts, or you can Merge all the e-mails into a Single Account, using POP3 Import Mail functions, like in GMAIL Setting--->Accounts and Import--> Import mail and contacts and -->Add POP3 mail accounts you own. Then using IMAP to Synchronize to all your PCs, Devices.

You just need make sure IMAP is turned ON at INebraska/ISP and Google/GMAIL, and in all your Mail-Clients. If you don't have all the Accounts in all your email-clients, then you need to add them in, like the two GMAIL accounts, or just use a Single/Synchronized Account, if you combine them all via POP3.

You said: I'm using Windows Mail for my main desktop pc and also use 2 gmail accounts. Main pc is using WinXP and laptops are using Win7 Pro.

Well, by Windows Mail, I assume you are using Windows Live Mail on the Win7 machines, and on the Win/XP machine probably using Outlook or Outlook/Express. I am pretty sure the e-mail Synching would be OK, but not so sure about your Address-Book Synching!!! Are all your Address-Books, on your Local Machines and on Web-Mail, the same or are they different??? Just something to consider.

You said: ( I'm a little bit concerned about having all that info on the web, but if you think it's safe, then that would be okay too.

Well, first of all, all your e-mails are already out there on the Internet, flying around from Server to Server whenever you Send or Receive an e-mail, copies of all your e-mails are on every Server it gets Forwarded through,and of course they are also on your INebraska/ISP Servers and on Google/GMAIL Servers. And, unless you are Encrypting all your e-mails they are out there for anyone to see, in Plain Tex, anyone that just might be curious enough to go to that trouble. Also, any Law Enforcemt, can demand, and get, copies of any e-mail that you have ever Sent or Received, because they out there also, on some Archive Severs or Tape, etc.

So, the bottom line is that, there is NO Privacy in any e-mail. All E-mails should be considered to be in Public-Domain, unless you Encrypt them, and even then, Encryption can be Cracked.

You said: I'm willing to switch to almost anything if it helps, with the exception of Thunderbird, as it has exploded a couple of times and caused great damage.

Hmmm, pretty strange. Care to elaborate on that, I am just curious, as to what happened, with the explosion!!!

I use T-Bird on multiple machines, (and I have about 35 people that I help, with their PC/Problems, that have T-bird on them) and I have used it on Win-95, Win-98, XP, Vista and Win7, and never had any issues, that I would consider as major, with it, just some minor things that tend to popup with New Releases!!! Other than that, T-Bird has been one of the Most Consistent and Reliable e-mail client that I have ever used, since the advent of internet.

Couple of other things, you need to carefully consider what you want to do with all the accounts, and how you want it all to work, before you do anything. Also, I would recommend that you do some cleanup on all those accounts before Merging/Synching them, like Spam, Trash, old e-mails you no longer need, etc., then make sure you have all your PC Mail, Address-Book and Account info Backed Up, before yo do any Synching.

So, depending on just how much old, archived, saved, etc e-mails you have,it can take a long time for IMAP to Sync all e-mails, for the first time. I am talking about several hours, maybe days, on each PC and Tablet!!!

Don't know how mush memory you have on that Tablet or if you even have an e-mail client on it but, you might just want to use Web-Mail, via your Browser, on it.

Good luck,,,

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