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Hey Grumpy,

thanks for the question. I have one thing to say for the federal goverment< i have yet to be the recipient of their little underfunded and broke program. Can you believe it takes two people working full time to provide one person with a social security check and federal handout. I applaud your service to our country, my grandfather flew second seat over normandie, although not on the ground I still respected him. Kids today think things are rough when the server is own and cannot get e mail. What I do not understand is that there are a number of retirees who get a ss check (funny SS, get it) and really dont even need it. In fact Bill Gates will get one someday Im sure. Anyway, I will never let the federal government into my home to touch my stiff why would I ever let em into my bank account. Privatize, privatize, privatize. We do not need their help, don't want their help, thier help is wrong, its demeaning and it is designed to do one thing keep you coming back for more while relinquishing a little bit of freedom at a time. That is why Im in the business Im in, as to your SS check, not sure when it will cease to exist as a matter of fact I do not care. We live in a country where people who are over 50 are fed up with age discrimination, guess what, don't like it, do something about it go back to work it is much more rewarding than taking there little handout. Not to mention the fact that as a federal or any type of government retiree you only get 40% of the actual ss payout, whats that all about. I figure if you worked for the big hairy monster he should give you as much as those who did'nt although maybe thats there way of punishing you for doing nothing ( a little philosophy on goverment workers, ever been to the DMV) It amazes me that a man can take everything he has ever worked for and prop up a building and start a business and takes years to get a good book of customers, the government can put up a building and have em lined up the next day. Im excited about the next ten years there are only two things that will happen, it is all going to cave in on them or we will take it back...thanks for your time.

LTC Specialist
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