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Hey guys.. I am going to say before you even read further, that I am indeed going to start with a so called "Bitty Rant", something that several of you aren't used to,some of you know very well, and it may be the first and only time I do it to this board., because it means I am going to unload with thoughts that don't go with the grain..or the norm and I offer my odd outlook on things. But, that's ok, I'm not afraid..LOL, I think I'll make sense if some of you can honestly look at what I'm saying....yeah..yeah..yeah....

Ok,first of all, I have to say...let's break this down into different categories, because it deserves that...I hear of "doppels" yet I have none(guess I am the misfit:-(..) ....perhaps I somewhere missed the reason I needed one, since I am honest with who I am... what I say...I approach this board (well TMF)because I trade stocks(even though the fool does not like Day traders, we are ever becoming the norm in the new world.....You too can "come with me the dark side"_:-) But I am who I me or not, (I like me) don't need a reason to support any point of view I have under another name.But, what eggsactly is the point of a "doppel"? I mean really, what are some of you defending? Have you really given that any thought? To be able to post under a different name? Before ya'll jump this thought..and give me some point of.."because it's our god given right".....think of the hypocracy in condemning then those that collect doppels and "cyber stalk"..... Are any of you wondering why I am passionate about this?? some of you don't care?? I am indeed the victim of a cyber stalker...... in a very bad way..and I have to what if Kim removes my post at this point for saying a word that is predefined as not acceptable(and yes I have been out right pissed about it)...but..what if she removes the deliberate stalking attacks I have received? So I ask, in a diplomatic way, where do you place the blame? With TMF for removing what is asked to be removed? Or do you blame them for not removing what you ask to be removed? Where is the line drawn? I'll gladly support Kim in removing one of my posts (some for which I question, and yeah, like everyone else here get pissed off about), but if she keeps the sickos off my @$$, then dang, I gotta say..I take the adversarial position and have to say, "Thank you". Like I said, I get pissed too....especially when I'm having fun..and I'm not one that is short of imagination, mild with words, nor shy in my yeah... I push the limits... do I deserve to be removed at times? (I hate to admit this, but yeah, I do)...

Really give some consideration to what I am saying here... the fool is not why you invented this board... yet, you gripe about the stalkers and their approaches..where do they draw the line? Where do we? You invented this board to do your thing... express express yourself..., @ssholes are going to follow you anywere you go if they want me on this one... so is that the fools fault? Nope... so deal with it the best way you can.... look over the crap.....and do your thing.... (we've done a real good job of it on the day trading board),,it just takes people realizing the power of their own situation.... and you are indeed in charge in an odd way around things..what happens to this board....

I hope I am underestood in the way I mean this post... and I hope it's read with open minds and a true meaning for looking at this situation. I'll leave this my last post to this board for awhile, for one, to spare myself the anger that it may cause, (for being accused of whatever may come).. But I do mean well....if I told you stories of being a person that a poster here took the time to duplicate and write several other posters as "me' here, to take the time to pretend to be married to me, and inform (falsely) that I am insane, a commited mental patient, and in an attempt to help me through the boards, would you thank the Fool for removing this stuff? Would you be upset about what was removed uncalled for at times? yeah..but you'd still be damn thankful for them listening to YOU. I've lived in fear.... I've lived with ridicule...uncalled for..only posting to one board..... offering stock my way at times... As I said, I hope I'm making sense to some of you here.... without going into horrid details.... I just had to say this tonight..regardless if you guys welcome my opinion at a later date or not..... as always in life..."there is give" and "there is take"... if you are capable of understanding the in between...then things balance...

Guesss this wasn't a true Bitty rant..just a thinking outloud....
Life is full of choices...

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