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Hey hosers!!! I'd like to retire early to Canada, hey.
Smoke me some backbacon and spend my days ice fishing and watching Hockey (H is silent) Hey?

I learned to speak Canadian watching Stange Brew and listening to Bryan Adams and Gordon Lightfoot, hey?

Anyway, come down to America and visit sometime, hey?

Tongue firmly implanted in cheek

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Hey Obviousman:

Good thing you like to ice fish and watch 'ockey because by the time you finish paying your Canadian taxes, that's all you'll be able to afford.

Hey, our best friends, originally from Indiana, now live in Tranna (Toronto, for the uninitiated). I guess you could say they went from Hoosier to Hoser.


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The hardest thing about smoking back bacon is keeping it lit, as for ice fishing and hockey, you need to go to Quebec to play 'ockey and anywhere east of the rockies to ice fish. Out in B.C., we are too busy windsurfing and skiing to waste our time on things like ice fishing or 'ockey. (besides, our team is the Vancouver Canucks who hardly qualify as a real 'ockey team. LOL, CC
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