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Fushi points out:

"Take for instance the interesting, but ultimately uninformed discussion going on about the end of HGSI's database agreement and the number of targets their partners have found. [Remarkable that INCY hasn't been mentioned even once in this discussion! Where do they think their new database customers are going to come from?]"

It will be interesting to see if any INCY customers flip to HGSI over the next year or so. I doubt it. There is too much potential for getting into litigation about were data came from. In retrospect, INCY moved well while HGSI was tied up.

HGSI has been trying to put a positive spin on the expiration of their deals, but that may have been a smoke screen. If the former HGSI partners actually bring a significant number of the products under development to market, that is nothing to laugh at, but, I suspect that HGSI will be following up most other drug targets in-house.

I would assume that they will be picking from the left-overs (scavanging from what their former partners left behind).

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It's hard to predict, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of HGSI's former customers flip over to Incyte. For instance, Glaxo Smith Kline is part owner with Incyte of the Diadexus joint venture which formed while SK was still a partner with HGSI, so it's possible that the new Glaxo might subscribe with Incyte.

Few if any will flip over to HGSI from INCY. I'm sure Celera has been working at picking off INCY customers for 2 years, with little success (CRA and INCY both share some customers). It's hard to imagine that HGSI will be any more successful. However, if I was a potential new INCY customer or I was up for renewal, I would hammer INCY about it's pricing, using the threat of going to HGSI or CRA to get better terms (lower pricing or more services).

People have been predicting the end of Incyte for years; ain't happened yet.
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