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Hi everyone,

I wanted to put (not option pun intended) up a short (no shorting pun intended) into post and say "hi". I go by J.P. and have been a member of the Fool community for about a decade now. I am getting back into the investing world after recently graduating college (honors, Bachelors of Science in finance) and was just about ready to start reading again, when a new job fell on my lap...UGH! I was working two jobs while attending, so I didn't have a lot of free time. So for now, I am studying what I have to do working for the finance department of the corporation I work for, then when I'm comfortable with what I am doing, I'm going to start expanding my investing knowledge.

After being here forever, there are some things that stand out in my memory, some recent, some long ago:

1)When posting about TA, some posters, not all, but some seem to be intentionally cryptic. I've had very negative experiences with a certain "TA guru" one the CNBC boards waaaaaaaay back when they had boards. This idiot predicted the fall of QCOM as I watched it rise from somewhere in the 40ies or 60ies to abvout $104 per share! I'm not a big fan of TA, from what I gather, most use it for exit and entry points on stocks they did fundamentals on.

2) NEVER give The Value Line Investement Survey any of your contact information. I worked at TWO libraries and had access to the survey for free. I made the mistake of trying the $55 trial subscription. After pleading with them for years to take me off their mailing list because I have access for free, I STILL get offers in the mail...8 years after the fact.That should tell you something about their customer service.

3)I have a dislike for any poster touting any one investing style for everyone. One size does not fit all! Some will say "you guyz are living in the past, swing trading is the way to go" or "you can't trust CEO's TA doesn't lie". I feel the same way about posters that just provide links with no thoughts of their own, and come off looking like they really know the material, but conveniently don't answer specific questions.

These are just cautions that I've learned over the time I've been here.It's not specifically "where" to learn....more like where NOT to.I'll see if I can contribute to other posts.

J.P.Quote #39 "Wall Street is motivated primarily by emotions--fear and greed"--Wall Street Adage

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