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last time i looked there was no board for CNSW. found the one at yahoo and began following the small core of
sane CNSW posters. i didnt have the resolve to start a
board here, glad you did tho.
im in @ 17 1/2. looked like it may be on the up, then turned back fast. oh what a feeling! i really dont feel
like this will be a do nothing stock, as i've read some of the more knowledgable posts regarding the future prospects. one thing for sure is 'they go up,down,up,down'. i think they will have a long term up trend.
i looked up your name here at the fool and saw you are
quite the anonomys one. maybe you could give up just a few items?

i'll post more next week, have a good weekend!

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Hi Bryan!

I hoped you held your shares. CNSW will come back and be a long term winner! Its just etremely volitile because its a recent IPO and it does not quite yet have the earnings yet for stable price support. The weakness in NASDAQ doesn't help much either.

Anyway, I hope you're still with us!
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ZOYKS! still holding AMATFAN. even tho a large
part of my butt is missing. i've noticed on many
a chart that the pattern i'm seeing is not an uncommon
one. these companies stock prices can come roaring back
to life and make the short sellers, well, mess their shorts! my hope doesn't have much to do with it, but
CNSW management is on top of it, and they can't control
the price that investors are trading at. the only
caveat? that may be there is something afoot that we
are totally unaware of, but i think that is unlikely.
i believe all cards are on the table, and when it becomes apparent that CNSW is for real, then investor sentiment will turn positive. i,m looking for the 30's
by july 4th! at that point 17 1/2 won't look too bad.

good trading,
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I've been in for only about two weeks and it seems like two years - what a rollercoaster ride. Anyway, I think the worst is behind us. The "lockout" period ended a few days ago and something like 800,000 employee shares were added increasing the float by 40% overnight. Most of these have been gobbled up since, but it did send us into a temporary nosedive.

I think a lot of employees sold not because they know something we don't, but rather, most have been holding for many, many, years. This is fairly typical for any given company that reaches a "lockout" expiration. I hope they come to regret thier actions!

Anyway, glad to see that you're still hear.

Happy Trading.
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