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Hi artest7,

The education from reading 4-5 hours/day has been an experience that I wish I had at a younger age!

I think investing requires a lot of reading and if Warren Buffett's reading habbits are any indication, spending more time reading than investing is not a bad idea. Here are a couple of lists:

Reading List

Value Investing's Ultimate reading list

A caution though, it can become habbit forming to the point where you can't walk by a Barnes & Noble, or Border's bookstore without walking in a buying a book. It may be a good idea to make up a list of the books you have. I reacently found one double in my library and was about to order a book on pricing stock options with Microsoft Excel...I checked my list and found that I already own it.

Most walk in book stores have a discount rack that sometimes have good books cheap.I use to work at two libraries at two different colleges and every now and then, they'd put out tables for old books that have been updated. One college charged $1 a book, the other just put them on a cart near the door for anyone to take for free. Some titles below I paid the cover price for, but many of them costs me less than $5.

1.7 Indicators That Move Markets—Paul Kasriel, Keith Schap
2. A Fool and His Money—John Rothchild
3. A Random Walk Down Wall Street—Burton G. Malkiel
4. Accounting Principles 3rd Ed.—Jack L. Smith, Robert M. Keith, William L. Stevens
5. Advanced Modeling in Finance Using Excel and VBA—Mary Jackson, Mick Staunton
6. Alexander Hamilton—Forrest McDonald
7. An Introduction to Management Science, Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making 10th Ed.—Anderson, Sweeny, Williams
8. Analysis of Financial Statements 5th Ed.—Leopold A. Bernstein, John J. Wild
9. Annuity Concepts—Education Services
10. Barbarians at The Gate—Bryan Burrough, John Helyar
11. Barron's Finance, 4th Ed.—A.A. Groppelli and Ehsan Nikbakht
12. Barron's Financial Tables For Better Money Management/Stocks and Bonds (Bond Yield Table Investment Growth)—Stephen S. Solomon, Dr. Clifford Marshall, Martin Pepper
13. Barron's The Stock Broker Exam: Series 7—Michael T. Curley, Joseph A. Walker
14. Beat The Market—Edward O. Thorp, Sheen T. Kassouf
15. Beating the Dow With Bonds—Michael B. O'Higgins
16. Beating The Street-- Peter Lynch
17. Bogle of Mutual Funds—John Bogle
18. Bond Markets Analysis and Strategies 5th Ed—Frank J. Frabozzi
19. Business Communication, Process and Product—Mary Ellen Gueffy
20. Business Etiquette for Dummies—Sue Fox, Perrin Cunningham
21. Business Information Desk Reference—Melvyn Freed, Virgil P. Diodato
22. Business Statistics of the United States 1995 Ed.—Courtney M Slater
23. Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance, and Insurance—Thomas Fitch
24. Careers in Finance—Trudy Ring
25. Cases in Finance, 2nd Ed.—Jim DeMello
26. CNBC Guide to Money and Markets—Jeff Wuorio
27. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits—Philip A. Fisher
28. Confessions of a Street Addict—James J. cramer
29. Conquer the Crash—Robert R. Prechter Jr.
30. Contrarian Investing—Gallea and Patalon
31. Creating Shareholder Wealth—Alfred Rappaport
32. Crisis Management—Steven Fink
33. Dictionary of International Trade and Finance—Carolyn Gipson
34. Dictionary of Investing—Jerry M. Rosenberg
35. Dictionary of Marketing Terms—Irving J. Shapiro
36. Discovering Your Career in Business—Timothy Butler, James Waldroop
37. Economic Literacy, What Everyone Needs to Know About Money & Markets—Jacob DeRoy
38. Economics Explained—Robert Heilbroner, Lester Thurow
39. Economics in One Lesson—Henry Hazlitt
40. Economics USA (and Study Guide) 5th Ed—Elizabeth Sawyer Kelly
41. Essentials of Corporate Finance 4th Ed.—Ross, Westfield, Jordan
42. Essentials of Investments 5th Ed.—Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus
43. Experiences in Management and Organizational Behavior—Don D. Brown, Roy J. Lewicki, Douglas T. Hall, Francis S. Hall
44. Financial Institutions and Markets (text, software manual and student resource manual)—Robert W. Kolb, Ricardo J. Rodriguez
45. Financial Markets and Institutions 6th Ed.—Jeff Manura
46. Fire Your Stock Analyst! -- Harry Domash
47. Foundations in Multinational Financial Management 5th Ed. –Alan C. Shapiro
48. Fundamental Accounting Principles 15th Ed.—Larson, Wild, Chiappetta
49. General Statistic 3rd Ed.—Warren Chase, Fred Brown
50. Generation Debt—Carmen Wong Ulrich
51. Get a Financial life—Beth Koblinger
52. Getting Started in Futures—Todd Lofton
53. Getting Started in Real Estate Investing—Michael C Thomsett, Jean Freestone Thomsett
54. Global Financial Markets—Ian H. Giddy
55. How Charts Can Help You in The Stock Market—William L. Jiler
56. How The Options Markets Work—Joseph A. Walker
57. How to be Rich—J. Paul Getty
58. How to Buy Foreclosed Real Estate—Theodore J. Dallow
59. How To Buy Government Foreclosures Vol-1—Rebecca A. Harris, Tom Stewart
60. How to Buy Stocks—Louis Angel and Brendan Boyd
61. How to Find a Great Job in The Securities Industry—Pamela H. Roderick
62. How To Make Money in Stocks—William J. O'Neil
63. How to Pinch a Penny Till it Screams—Rochelle LaMotte McDonald
64. How to Read a Financial Report—John A. Tracy
65. Inc. and Grow Rich! —C.W. Allen, Cheri Hill, Dianne Kennedy, Garrett Sutton
66. International Trade and Finance—Robert E. Baldwin, J. David Richardson
67. International Trade and Finance—Robert E. Baldwin, J. David Richardson
68. International Trade and Investing—Franklin R. Root
69. Introduction to Business Statistics 4th Ed.—Ron M. Weiers
70. Introductory Economics With Applications 5th Ed.—Ramu Ramanathan
71. Invest/Speculate Profitability in The Stock Market—Frank B. Diamond
72. Investing 101—Kathy Kristof
73. Investing for Dummies—Eric Tyson
74. Investing Online, Do it Yourself and Keep More of What You Earn---LauraMaery Gold, Dan Post
75. Investment Valuation 2nd Ed.—Aswath Damodaran
76. Investor's Business Daily and The Making of Millionaires—David Saito-Chung
77. Leading Economic Controversies—Edwin Mansfield
78. Learn to Earn—Peter Lynch
79. Liar's Poker—Michael Lewis
80. Macro Economics=Robert B. Eklund, Robert D. Tollison
81. Management Information Systems, Managing The Digital Firm 8th Ed.—K.C. Lauden, Jane P. Lauden
82. Managerial Accounting 9th Ed.—Garrison, Noreen
83. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Business Acronyms, Initials & Abbreviations—Jerry M. Rosenberg
84. MONEY Advisor, Investing Moves For Today (1999)—Editors of Money
85. Money Talks, Quotations on Money and Investing—Rosalie Maggio
86. Monopolies in America—Charles R. Geisst
87. Of Permanent Value, The Story of Warren Buffett—Andrew Kilpatrick
88. One Up on Wall Street—Peter Lynch
89. Operations Management 4th Ed—Robert S. Russell, Bernard W. Taylor
90. Options as a Strategic Investment, 4th Ed—Lawrence G. McMillan
91. Origins of the Crash—Roger Lowenstein
92. Overcoming Overspending—Oliver Mellon
93. Personal Finance for Dummies—Eric Tyson
94. Pit Bull, Lessons Form Wall Street's Champion Trader—Martin “Buzzy” Schwartz
95. Principles of Corporate Finance 7th Ed.—Brealy, Myers
96. Principles of Managerial Finance 3rd –Lawrence L. Gitman
97. Reits, Building Profits With Real Estate Investment Trusts—John A. Mullaney
98. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator—Edwin Lefevre
99. Restructuring the Financial System—Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
100. Rich Dad/Poor Dad—Robert T. Kiyosaki
101. Rich Dad's Prophecy—Robert T. Kiyosaki
102. Security Analysis, Fifth edition-- Graham and Dodd
103. Series 6 Investment Company/Variable Contracts Limited Representative 18th Ed. (With Q&A Manual)—Passtrak
104. Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam 15th Ed.—Passtrak
105. Series 7 General Securities Representative 10th Ed. (with Q&A Manual)—Passtrak
106. Series 7 Stock Broker NASD Exam 5th Ed.—Arco
107. Statistical Analysis for Decision Making—Morris Hamburg, Peg Young
108. Statistics for Business and Economics 8th Ed.—Anderson, Sweeny, Williams
109. Stock and Bond Symbol Directory—NYSE
110. Stock Market Primer—Claude Rosenberg Jr.
111. Stocks For The Long Run 3rd Ed.—Jeremy Siegel
112. Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures—The staff of The NY Institute of Finance
113. Sun Tzu Was a Sissy—Stanley Bing
114. Technical Analysis of The Financial Markets—John J. Murphy
115. The 16% Solution, How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low Interest World With Tax Lien Certificates—Joel S. Moskowitz
116. The Alchemy of Finance—George Soros
117. The American Dictionary of Economics—Douglas A. L. Auld, Graham Bannock, R.E. Baxter and Ray Rees
118. The Art of War—Sun Tzu
119. The Beardstown Ladies Common-Sense Investment Guide—The BTL
120. The Business Writing Handbook—William C. Paxson
121. The Complete Guide To Option Pricing Formulas—Espen Gaarder Haug
122. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Finance and Accounting—Michael Muckian
123. The Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics—Tom Gorman
124. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mutual Funds—Alan Lavine and Gail Lieberman
125. The Complete Money Market Guide—William E. Donoghue, Thomas Tilling
126. The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets 2nd Ed. –Frederick S. Mishkin
127. The Essays of Warren Buffett—Lawrence A. Cunningham
128. The Fed—Martin Mayer
129. The Financial System—J.O. Light, William L. White
130. The General theory of Employment, Interest an Money--John Maynard Keynes
131. The Gorilla Game--Moore, Johnson, Kappola
132. The Guide to Investing in Bonds—David L. Scott
133. The Highwaymen, Warriors of the Information Superhighway—Ken Auletta
134. The Insider's Guide to Winning Jobs in Management Consulting, Investment Banking and Securities Trading—Mariam Naficy
135. The Intelligent Investor—Benjamin Graham
136. The International Money Game—Robert Z. Aliber
137. The Maestro, Greenspan's Fed and The American Boom—Bob Woodward
138. The Message of the Markets—Ron Insana
139. The Millionaire Mind—Thomas J. Stanley
140. The Millionaire Next Door—Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko
141. The MONEY Book of Money—Robert Klein and editors of MONEY
142. The MONEY Book of Personal Finance (Updated)—Richard Eisenberg
143. The MONEY Book of Personal Finance—Richard Eisenberg
144. The Motley Fool Investment Guide—David and Tom Gardner
145. The Motley Fool's Rule Breaker's, Rule Maker's—David and Tom Gardner
146. The NAIC's Starting and Running a Profitable Investment Club—Thomas E. O'Harra, Kenneth S. Janke, Jr.
147. The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Nee--Andrew Tobias
148. The Options Course (And Workbook)—George A. Fontanills
149. The Options Course 2nd Ed.—George A. Fontanills
150. The Portable MBA Desk Reference—Paul A. Argenti
151. The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting—John Leslie Livingston
152. The Portable MBA in Investment—Peter L. Bernstein
153. The Question and Answer Book of Money and Investing—Victor L. Harper, Arthur S. Brinkley and Sarah E. Dale
154. The Quotable Investor--Sanford Jacobs
155. The Random Walk Guide to Investing-- Burton G. Malkiel
156. The Richest Man in Babylon—George S. Clason
157. The Stock Market Course (and Workbook)—George A. Fontanills, Tom Gentile
158. The Ten Day MBA—Steven Silbiger
159. The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators—Richard Yamarone
160. The Truth About Money—Ric Edleman
161. The Unemotional Investor—Robert Sheard
162. The Visual Investor—John Murphy
163. The Wall Street Journal Book of International Investing—John A. Presto & Douglas R. Sease
164. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing in Asia-- Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel and Beverly Larson
165. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing-- Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel
166. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Personal Finance—Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel
167. The Warren Buffett Way—Robert G. Hagstrom, Jr.
168. The Wealth of Nations—Adam Smith
169. The Whiz Kid of Wall Street's Investment Guide—Matt Sato
170. Trade Options Online—George A. Fontanills
171. Ugly Americans, The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Raided the Asian Markets for Millions—Ben Mezrich
172. Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking—Tom Lott
173. Vault Career Guide to Investment Management
174. Vault Finance Interviews Practice Guide—David Montoya and staff
175. Vault Guide to Advanced Finance and Quantitative Interviews
176. Vault Guide to Finance Interviews—D Bhatawedekhar, Hassam Hamadeh and staff
177. Vault Guide to Top Finance Firms—Chris Prior, Tyya N. Turner, Hans H Chen
178. Walker's Manual of Penny Stocks, 2nd Ed.
179. Wall Street Journal Almanac, 1998—Staff of the Wall Street Journal
180. Wall Street Money Machine Vol 2—Wade Cook
181. What Color is Your Parachute—Richard Nelson Bolles
182. Wisdom of the Robber Barons—George David Smith, Frederick Dalzell
183. You and Your 401K—Julie Jason
184. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius (Even If You're Not Too Smart)—Joel Greenblat
185. You Have More Than You Think—David and Tom Gardner
186. Your Bank is Ripping You Off—Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr.
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