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...centered around possible "diworsification" and who will manage HI's disparate parts:

Home ( long HI, but watching closely ) Fool
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Posts on Seeking Alpha seem to me to be long on opinion, and very short on backup documentation.

An aging CEO etc. is not grounds to say the company may be in trouble (statements to that effect sound somewhat age-discriminatory to me, actually). Besides, there may be a very sound 'take-out' plan in place that we just don't know about at the moment.

I'm perfectly OK with the idea that the company MAY have bitten off more than management can currently chew, but I'd like to see something more in the way of evidence before sounding the alarms, and this article didn't seem to have much in that department.

Furthermore, he concludes by saying it's a good buy, if you like the 3.52% yield. So, does he like the stock/company or not? I'm not really sure where he stands.

Just my own $0.02 worth:-)

Harry G
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