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I'm re-entering the job market after nine years as a SAHM. Before that I taught for five, before that I was a bench chemist. During the nine years out I wrote unpublished fiction and I'm a skilled writer and editor, just not that much at making up stories. Rather than try to re-train for bench work, I want to switch to technical writing. I'm 49; maybe I should leave off the dates? Complete rewrite? Any advice is welcomed.

An entry-level technical writing position where I can contribute my skills and experience.

Motivated professional with ten years’ experience conveying technical ideas to a wide range of audiences. Presents material in multiple formats to clarify concepts, including visual illustrations and physical demonstrations as appropriate. Masters new software as needed (recently self-taught Intuit Quickbooks). Published scientific and popular science articles. Experience drafting and editing others’ drafts of scientific papers, theses, dissertations, grant proposals and a business plan. Experienced at end-to-end project management. Disciplined work habits.

Skills Summary
· Project management
· Writing to guidelines and deadlines
· Editing for copy and clarity
· Research – online, library and interview
· Synthesis of researched material
· Verbal presentation

Professional Experience
· Recent clips available on request
· Published popular science articles in trade and MIT publications (including Technology Review)
· Edited and co-wrote business plan for Hidden Fortress LLC
· Edited and co-wrote grant proposal for Prof. Alan Davison (MIT)
· Edited multiple theses, dissertations and student papers for copy and clarity
· Edited multiple grant proposals for K. Barry Sharpless (Nobel Laureate)

· Redesigned and delivered two-semester descriptive astronomy for college non-majors (including online laboratories); enrollment doubled in a year
· Designed and delivered two-semester general chemistry course, lecture and lab
· Successfully taught students of ages 12-45
· Synthesized material from many sources for use in lectures and laboratories
· Tailored presentation of material to customer needs in tutoring sessions
· Presented research results to chemistry professional audiences

· Chief Financial Officer of startup company Hidden Fortress, LLC
o Set up and maintained financial projections (in Microsoft Excel) and company books (Quickbooks)
o Set up and maintained payroll and insurance for eight employees
o Researched legal requirements and organization for partners
o Located appropriate office space to company specifications
o Responsible for legal filings and all other routine organizational matters
o Troubleshot day-to-day issues involving HR, finance, office management and physical plant
o Sole responsibility for managing legal windup after company sale


Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)
B.S. (Chemistry)

Employment History
Private Tutor – Hometown CA 2003 – Present

Small Company LLC, Greater Los Angeles CA 2004 – 2006
Chief Financial Officer

XYZ College, XYZ City, MA 1995 – 1998
Assistant Professor (tenured)

XYZ College, Another City, MA 1993 – 1995
Lab Instructor

Science Writer, freelance 1991 – 1992

Bench lab company, industrial city, MA 1989 – 1991

ABC University, suburban MA 1987 – 1989
Postdoctoral Associate (Professor abc)
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Utoh, another scientist bites the dust.

Your resume does a decent job of presenting your skills. I would not worry about the dates. You are looking for a position where a bit of seasoning is an advantage.

Your science writer experience seems to be most relevant. As you have it is fine. If you can feature it somehow it might help.

Your resume cries out for computer experience. I presume you are very capable with word processing and can use almost any such program. Any special skills? Presentation software? Publication software used by editors?

If you have worked on public documents like magazine articles, an attachment listing some of your best might be in order.
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Thank you very much. I will add a line summarizing the programs I'm now proficient with -- Office plus a few weirdos. This is an area where I must ramp up in the next couple months.

I thought I'd bring clips of some of the best to interviews. No?
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"I thought I'd bring clips of some of the best to interviews. No?"

Sure, a portfolio of examples of your work is a good idea to bring on an interview.

But this is about getting you that interview. Make your resume a billboard of your skills if you can. Try to feature your best selling points.
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Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.
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