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Hilarious: Obama's Friends Explain Why He Lost The Debate
(Hint: It Might Involve Him Being Too Smart, Too Kind, Too High-Minded, and Too Cool)
Mockery on Twitter, compiled by Twitchy.

Amazing. With all the options cited, they left out ONE:

The President had never encountered such a dazzling array of lies in such a short period of time. And a moderator who was so spaced out.

Nah! Couldn't be THAT.

Jack don't read too good, check out number 9:

9. Obama is Too High-Minded To Handle Romney's Lies.

Now we just get into the liberal article of faith, which is that Romney must have cheated in some way-- there is no other way the God-King could lose -- so he must have channeled Satan and become Prince of Lies.

But Obama, for whatever reason, couldn't manage to point out these lies.

“The President has always been someone who takes the truth seriously and has a great faith in the American people and their ability to handle big ideas,” Burns said. “He doesn’t patronize them. He uses the campaign as an educative process. He wants to win but also wants to be clear about his ideas…. He took complex ideas like Medicare and the debt and tried to explain it to people so they can understand them while at the same time not being patronizing. And he is doing this with an opponent who is completely dissembling on every issue! There is a certain brazenness about Romney. It’s like [Stephen] Colbert talking about ‘truthiness.’ Romney stood there, with his hair and his jaw and his terrific angles—and he lied! About taxes, about Medicare. Obama pushed back on the five-trillion-dollar tax cut or the way Romney’s version of Medicare would destroy Medicare as we know it. And Romney just tilted his head and said, Oh, no, it won’t. At some point, you have to believe that the facts speak for themselves.”

Usually "the facts" require a human being to speak for them. They do not "speak for themselves."

Has it occurred to any of these people that Obama's ads -- which speak in a one-sided manner, without any chance of rebutting -- are the things which might be lies? And the reason that Obama couldn't rebut "Romney's lies" is that Romney wasn't lying -- Obama's campaign is in fact lying?

All of Obama's Greatest Hits -- including his frantic attempts to rehabilitate himself on the campaign trail -- come when there is no one around to challenge him.

If Obama's claims cannot withstand challenge, what do we make of them?

Oh, right: That Romney's claims must be false. The ones that don't whither under scrutiny.
The Romney lied! one is my favorites. Obama uses the Tax Policy Center which is a combo of two liberal think tanks, jumbo shrimp, jumbo shrimp, to say that Romney would cut taxes 5 trillion.....and even they distanced themselves from that comment because they made a bunch of assumptions that Romney never said anything about.....and Obama is STILL making these assumptions today after being corrected.....but that isn't a lie. Face it, Obama's entire life has been one big lie.
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