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HOCH! (by email too in case you don't check back)

Thanks for checking in!

We are doing fine and I hope you guys are doing well too.

(Long email to follow. Skip it if you aren't interested....fair warning;)

I guess it's a combination....YES I've been very busy. As far as losing interest....kind of. I'm sure my interest in politics won't fade as the election approaches, but I feel there's no politics to argue about, because there is no Republic, no Nation-State, no United States anymore. It's something I've predicted for a long time, and something I believe we are witnessing now. So, arguing politics is about as useful as arguing Star would be arguing over something that doesn't exist.

But...I can't complain. I took some gigantic risks years ago, and they are starting to payoff and get's the PA board I would thank if I were honest. (As you read on....I know you'll pass judgement and that's cool. But just be fair....ask yourself: Is this stuff Jedi used to be against? Is it stuff that Jedi and others were called "racist" and stuff like that for? Is this stuff that most of Obama's supporters in a public policy

Anyway, years ago some Leftists made clear to me that I'm not an American in their eyes. I'm a foreigner. And "my kind" aren't the kind of foreigners who mow their lawns for cheap. We are those evil foreigners who challenge Liberals for I.T jobs, etc etc etc. And due to my persistent tone of showing them how their own policies will punish them, their bigotry was exposed.

So, years ago I accepted my place, a Foreigner. (Luckily not a foreigner whose ancestors brought Africans over on slave ships, or caged Japanese Americans)

I started immersing myself in immigrant communities, even marching in the protests on behalf of citizenship for migrant workers. (BTW...I'm not making this stuff's all documented in my postings over the years). I made many contacts.....within the community, and even at banks.

Enter the I-85 corridor, ie Raleigh, NC area.

*These locales voted Obama. They are more "progressive" about immigration and many of the neighborhoods are new, meaning no HomeOwners association crap*

In my profile here, I've always predicted that social decay will lead to financial strife and a real estate bust. IT HAPPENED...quicker than I thought. But man oh man was I ready.

By that time I had good relations with local bank branch managers at places like Bank of America (they were marvelous for the Latino community). Point being, I had quick intelligence as foreclosures were to happen.


I leveraged myself credit-wise. LOL right now I couldn't buy a burger on credit probably.

I bought multiple single family homes in affluent, Liberal areas in the Raleigh locale.

Enter the immigrant contacts......

I figured it was time to allow LARGE families to rent homes in affluent areas. Whether they were legal or not wasn't my problem...after all, I was told on PA not to be racist.

Get this....I had multiple properties. ALL are 100% leased now. Tenants?

(2) Wonderful families. 3 kids a piece. They are in an affluent Lib neighborhood now. Great schools. The well-educated folk in this town have 1.5 kids on avg and have 6-figure incomes. My tenants pay way less in taxes, and more kids in public schools. Kids that require English-as-2nd-language help. (Hey, I can't be racist right? So what if American schools have tight budgets. They are obligated to provide multilingual help right?)

Both of them lived in Durham(blue collar town), and are ELATED to be living in yuppy-ville.

(1) Couple from India. They were here on Student Visas. Their parents send them money and they work on weekends. They will both be PHD's in some biotechCrap I don't understand. And guess what? I'm providing them the means to get the legal assistance, so that they may overstay their Visas, and STAY in America legally, and WORK full-time jobs. Hey, there's plenty of jobs available right?

(1)Pakistani family: Great folks. Somewhat strict adherents to Islam. Working on their 4th kid and same thing, came from Durham. (I had made friends with ethnic grocery store owners.....they put me in touch with tenants and families who were good people). Again, 1st generation immigrants just trying to make it, and have every intention of raising a large family, and little intention of assimilating.

(1) A single male in America on an H-1 VISA. He ain't leaving, I guarantee he'll live here forever. (Ask Liberals what they think of H-1's....and then ask them to square it with their devotion to illegal immigrants south of the border)

I had two homes left and due to crash, construction jobs eroded and my target-tenant-market was tough. So now get this.........

I literally took a PA post by a Liberal....100% blaming President Bush for the foreclosures, and 100% supporting people just 'walking away' from their homes and burning the bank. I advertised that on Craigslist....targeting it to well educated, 20/30something Americans who are college grads, blue-voters, and buried in their home.

Of course, it was between them and their bank if they decided to shove about $500k up TARP's butt.

But...after they got rid of the extravagant debt that President Bush forced them to take, they landed into NICER homes, LOWER monthly payments. They win, because they got rid of bad debt, I win due to reliable tenant. All blessed by an ideology that blames banks and Bush, not adults who signed up to buy more than they should.

So here's a handful of fine people that I've helped. And odds are, if you do the math, none of these people are contributing more into the system than they are taking. It's quite the opposite actually but hey, diversity and progressiveness right? I sure feel progressive when the rents come in early to service my debt on time :)

Local governments are great. Blue and amicable. Each property is under a DIFFERENT LLC (holding company) so when a local pol has a fundraiser, I can do multiple donations, legally, above the board.

So get this.....

IF things stay on track, I'm hoping that all these risks hit positive cash-flow this year. HARDLY a Trump-Rockefeller thing. I'm no big shot. I'm just trying to make a few bucks, help a few families, and have the satisfaction of knowing that this "immigrant", this "racist" as I was called on PA....used the very policies he was against....and prospered.

And, those he helped are prospering due to the collective generosity of the taxpayer.

The only expense to me is the legal assistance I'm helping provide some of these people to stay in America. So what? I don't give a crap. It's worth it.

Now here's the interesting part.......

While I hope it doesn't happen, I've always said that social decay, coupled with balkanization of America due to becoming a multicultural polyglot, is going to hurt America. Downgrade America. Make daily life tougher for Americans of all stripes.

Look around Hoch. Michigan opting for gravel roads sometime? Outside my home in Virginia, is the library cutting hours and schools curbing sport programs? Cops and teachers getting laid off or pay cuts all over? YES....the downgrade is upon us and even if we have short-term booms, the long term trajectory is one of a lower standard of living. Quality of medical care will go down, safety....even coming out of a grocery store will be a concern.

Again, I hope it doesn't happen. Most Americans are fine people and don't deserve it. But it's happening.

While PA Libs called me "immigrant" and told me "go home".....I'm content knowing I've contributed millions of dollars to the public treasury, and taken very little. I'm not sure they can say the same for all their constituencies.

So, as these investments get cash-flow positive, I'll be able to buy or rent a modest abode in Singapore. What a great freaking place. I recently spent a little time over there and their average 4 year old is more articulate than the average 8 year old here. I saw a doctor for gritty-eye I've been having, and it was awesome. Singapore doesn't allow millions of burdens into it's borders, and it doesn't coddle the criminals, and those who act in a manner that will hurt society fiscally or otherwise.

I hope it never happens because it'll break my heart. But all I know is that 4 out of 10 American births is out of wedlock. All studies, and even Reactionary Teapartiers like Democrat Pat Moynihan say that this ripple-effects poorly be it education, crime, entitlements, whatever.

But if this stuff truly culminates into the pseudo-hell I think it will, then I am able to do my duty to my family. I refuse to be scared when my kids go to school, or wife goes to the mall. I refuse to be told by these Statist idiots one day that I can't get a certain medical treatment on time. It ain't happening now....and it's all thanks to my embracing of Liberal attitudes, and exploiting them.

Now there's one loose end.

My other small business that I've had for years. I love it, I love the people that work with me, etc. I could've easily expanded it....but I was told by my government that hiring people would get more costly. So I left things alone and decided to just pay more to my current staff who has built such a nice enterprise.

IF I decide to press the Singapore button, I've decided I'm going to almost 'homestead' my business to those who run it. I'll sell them 25% of it for pennies on the dollar, and then allow them via profits to own the whole damn thing. These guys are great, and deserve to be wealthy. I owe them alot of my success and this would make us even.

In the meantime, life is good. Hockey playoffs start this week and between Washington, Detroit, and Tampa I want some good news this year. Business is good, and we're still doing well enough to do all the community-based stuff we're used to doing. Real America Hochizen. It's a pleasure to assist the little-leagues, boy scouts, girl scouts, high school football teams, etc. People helping people, people helping themselves. The Old America will always exist in my heart. I remember it fondly. I'm thankful for the opportunity it gave my family. So based on that, it's a boon to have a circumstance that allows one to participate in the community. A vast majority of Americans, especially the kids do not deserve the downgrade they are being served. My beef is not with's with the Statists. It's with the NeoCons (yes, that I supported), the multi-nationals, the one-worlders, the Smug arrogant once, the campus radical extremists, the whole machine that is now methodically destroying people's lives and souls, and dismantling the greatest country in the world.

But I'm almost over it. All I can do is try and do "right" in my own little universe.

I wish you well Hoch. You are a great American, you care about and believe in your country.

When things start over, I hope that you and others realize that your American greatness is not from your government. It's from within you all. You were blessed with an individual spirit and grit, ALONGSIDE a genuine concern for your neighbor. You also had a spirit where you knew the merits of building codes, fire standards, labor standards and clean air and clean water....but you would have been damned if some government told you whether or not to give soda pop to your child. Your country was founded NOT on anarchy,NOT totally adverse to collectivism....but in the spirit that an individual who abides by the law, trumps the State.

I hope you guys realize that politically, the Right is wrong. The Left is wrong. I hope that you guys see that wealth envy is wrong, and exploitation of the non-wealthy is wrong. I hope you guys see that your way back to GOODness. Your interpersonal relationships are it spouse to spouse, parent to child, New Yorker to Alabama'er, fat to thin, black to white, latino to black, H1 visa to yuppy I.T worker. Your foundations of faith, country, national identity are under attack and realize it or not, it's hurting all of you, of all political stripes.

Politically, I hope you guys realize that your ticket back to greatness is the CENTER. LeftCenter in some cases, RightCenter in other cases....but nevertheless, the Hannities, Rachel Maddows, and many of the P.A celebrities are leading you into destruction.

Look around at success Hoch. Look at Northern's a prosperous area. Look at Raleigh, NC, ditto. Austin-Texas, ditto.

What do these areas have in common about their prosperity?

They are RED states.....but much of the innovation and economic growth comes from well educated LIBERALS.

I hope you on the Left all take a step back and say "Gosh Dangit. Maybe the lax union rules, easier regulations, and business-friendly attitudes actually HELP! Maybe it's okay if wealth people or risk takers invest, because they hire the middle class!. There's a reason anyone from Nissan and LegalZoom and countless others are relocating to Red states and maybe we don't like it, but we're in a global economy and need to be competitive".

But ALSO....I hope my friends on the Right take a deep breath and say "damn! Those Liberals must know something. They aren't poor and backward, going to Church and whining about gays. Somehow they seem to be amongst the most educated, most innovative, and productive citizens within these Red-States!"

There you have it Hoch. There's a real current example as to why both of you, Red and Blue NEED each other. All for one and one for all. Let Red Lines be drawn....lines probably better not crossed. Let Blues break some barriers, barriers that should've never been there. But before it's too late, and it might already be, start seeing one another as equal Countrymen. Put your people, your country first.

Regardless, I wish you the best. I'm sure you'll continue to kick some butt on the PA board and I only hope we're on the same side in the next life. (Regardless of gotta admit that people like Perot, Buchanan, and US were right on many big things, and the SMUGS who dismissed us as 'nuts' or 'isolationists' were dead wrong, and their middle class is now exhausted as a result!)

Good talking to you.

I'll be in and out. I'm catching my breath these days. Did a Singapore/India trip earlier in the year and for some reason I'm just tired after that. More travels like that coming up in fall. Bufftrainer is right, I gotta hit the damn treadmill more.

My best, may the Force be with you, Jedi
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