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No. of Recommendations: 41
hocus warns:

Be careful, tmeri. If you get more than 63 recs for this post, I'm going to use it as even stronger evidence that there is a substantial segment of this community that would like to see more on-topic posting and fewer personal attacks.

I'm joshing, of course.

You may be joshing, hocus, but to be perfectly honest, a very large part of the trouble you stir up is because of the kind of misrepresenation you hint at in this post. You frequently point to posts and claim that the number of recs that the post received is an indication of the number of people who gave the post a rec for whatever reason you want to assign. For all I know, the people rec'ing my original post in this thread are doing so because they think you're the source of the dysfunction.

You also datamine the board. You recently responded to one of my posts with a bunch of links to posts complaining about off-topic posting:

In particular, you highlighted this post by russg, which garnered 25 recs:

You somehow overlooked this post, condemning those who complain about off-topic posts, in the same thread, which garnered 38 recs:

Would it be fair to say that there are more people who wish people would quit complaining about off-topic posts than there are people who dislike off-topic posts?

Your posts are filled with logical inconsistencies. I do not have time to dig them all out, but they are easy to find. Until now, I've resisted the temptation to respond to your posts, hoping that if everyone would quit responding, you would have no more grist for the mill. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret this post for precisely that reason.

But really, hocus, your misrepresentations and imaginary issues are getting out of hand. There is no gentle way to tell you this, but whenever I read your complaints about deception and disruption on this board, I can't help but wonder to myself if you are really talking about your own activities. When I read this, for example:

The deceptions have obviously had an influence on the perceptions of community members. Clearly, InParadise was buried in the scores of nonsense posts put up in the disruption effort, and clearly her ability and the ability of many others on the board to make sense of the SWR question was undermined as a result.

from your post:

I had the very strong impression that you were talking about yourself. Your use of the passive voice hides the actors. I worry that it is not an accident of writing style. A journalist would know better.

I wish you only the best and do not support the ugly things that have been said about anyone. But hocus, you need to get help, you really do.

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