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O Foolitos, Foolachos, Foolicitos and Fools from Every Corner of this Magnificent Globe,


Passion fills my heart and soul like nothing I have ever known. The bright and shining swords of the upper echelons of the royal HQ of Fooldom have tapped their blades upon my kneeling shoulders, blown trumpets, hosted parades, launched blimps, and skywrote my name in the sky - all in honor of the momentous rebirth of BreakerDan as he’s eBirthed into Yours Truly, TMF El Capitan.


Who the heck is TMF El Capitan and why should you care?


Great questions both, muchachos.


Who the Heck is TMF El Capitan?


As I answer this, I feel the souls of Cervantes, Garcia Lorca, Dali, Zorro, that chihuahua from Taco Bell, Neruda, that evil Mexican Generale from The Wild Bunch, and so many other historical greats – both factual and fictional - rushing through me like a tidal wave. With this single blog post I feel it is perfectly appropriate to compare El Capitan to Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Captains Hook, Kirk and Crunch, Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks to name a few. But perhaps more importantly, I aspire to merging the nicknaming enthusiasm of ESPN’s Chris Berman with the shrewd hilarity, honesty and courage of Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz. * Is this arrogant of me? You bet it is. But who should I aspire to be like, that guy with the giant pants who delivered meat for our local butcher?


Why You Should Care


Coverage of the stock market, and the market itself, is filled with pretentiousness, boredom, stupidity, mockery and chicanery – and wherever I find these evils I will verbally out them and metaphorically send dogs to drizzle on their perpetrators feet with hind leg high! The market is also filled with amazing companies, personalities and killer products that will shape the future of humankind! My goal is to AMUSE AMUSE AMUSE. And in case that’s not clear the part of the Foolish mission statement “Educate. Amuse. Enrich.” that I most passionately devote my very life too is the middle one, AMUSE. Got it, genius? Profundo!


But even more importantly CAPS playing Fools, wherever I find excitement, passion, genius, creativity, intensity, honesty, cleverness or anything interesting WITHIN CAPS, I will promote it, hype it, shout it, support it, highlight it, celebrate it, scream “check this out!” from the high mountain perch of my CAPS blog. There is a massive wellspring of creativity, humor, hyper-intelligence and other assorted talents lurking throughout CAPS. I have already burst out laughing from the pitches and blog posts of many Foolish players and I believe as Linda Loman once shouted in “Death of a Salesman” that “attention must be paid!”


The bottom line is that the stock market is not something the great majority of us can afford to ignore. So let’s make the study of it as fun as humanly possible because when you enjoy doing something, you’re far more likely to kick butt at it. I'm your microphone and spotlight, baby. So if you did something cool or saw something cool or funny in the market or in CAPS, by all means email it to me, okay? Very cool. Let’s get rich and have fun tryin'.


Your Anything But Humble Servant,


TMF El Capitan


* Also known as Jon Stewart

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Dan, did Jon Stewart really change his name?


By the way, great to have ElCapitan in Fooldom! --DG

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Hey DG,


He absolutely did. I gotta admit it, I grew up watching baseball with my grandfather from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, who used to scream out that any player who had even a remotely Jewish name was Jewish. We tend to notice these things. :> Then again, now I'm Spanish too!


Thanks a lot - psyched to max out this blog.







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