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Hold party political events in his state, but don't invite him.

The moment he brags about improvements associated with a bill he voted against, run ads pointing that out (just as should be done with Republicans).

Withhold DNC funding for his events.

Two words: West Virginia. There will be no "liberal" or "progressive" Democratic candidate who can win an election in West Virginia. That is not going to change. And bully Manchin, and we lose West Virginia.

(Last resort, waiting until election year): Provide DNC support to another Democratic candidate in the primary.

Don't make me laugh. I assume by that you mean someone to the left of Manchin. Yeah. Try it. Good luck with that.

What NEEDED TO BE DONE was for more support to have been given in states that went Republican to genuinely moderate candidates -- not RIGHT WING DEMOCRATS, but MODERATES -- whom the progressives continue to label as "corporate," but who, unlike Manchin, are actually Democrats. We have a last chance in 2022 to save what's left of democracy in this country. We ARE NOT GOING TO ACCOMPLISH THAT BY "CANCELLING" DEMOCRATS WHO CAN'T GET ELECTED IN PURPLE OR RED STATES BY CALLING THEMSELVES "SOCIALISTS."

For ONCE, can't Democrats just swallow hard and be pragmatic? We need a LARGER MAJORITY and this may be our last chance EVER to prevent the fascist/oligarchy criminals from seizing absolute power, and we're out there arguing about the best way to pass our freaking wet dream of a set of policy goals. If we lose in 2022, I promise you, those policy goals are HISTORY. Not in your lifetime or mine, nor in the lifetime of anyone alive today, absent a bloody civil war. They do not intend to give back power, once they've seized it -- House, Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court. If you think this is just a swing of the pendulum -- that these are normal times -- you are so very sadly wrong.

We need every Democrat -- "corporate" or not -- we can get who will protect voting rights. Who will protect democracy. Whether or not we can get child care -- or a just economy -- or abortion rights -- or any other policy we know to be the just, humane, moral, and even most efficient and practical -- we sure as hell won't get any of those things in the future if the fascists who control the Republican Party today achieve their single-minded goal -- a goal which it has pursued now for decades: permanent power.

Driving out Manchin just reduces our power to save democracy. It does nothing whatever to increase it. I despise Manchin -- because I despise the West Virginian mindset which makes it impossible to elect anyone to the left of Genghis Khan. But he has a "D" after his name, and that, for now, keeps the Senate away from Mitch's absolute control. But we need a LOT MORE DEMOCRATS ELECTED IN 2022 if we aren't to fall, at last, to the current worldwide urge to fascism.

Why are Democrats so willing to pretend this isn't happening? None of the Democrats' efforts right now should be at achieving "justice" or policy goals. We should be out there in the states finding the best possible candidates to defeat Republicans -- not "best" in the policy sense, but "best" in the sense of being charismatic, ruthless as Democrats never are, single-minded in the pursuit of salvaging what remains of our democratic system. Manchin is a jerk. Blaming him for what's happening is naive. And blaming "the Democrats" for not forcing him to bend is worse than naive -- it's self-defeating.

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