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I found a poker home game here. It's alternating rounds of NL HE and NL O8 (they said they tried PL O8 before, but it was a pain counting the pot, and it's rare for peopel to overbet pot anyway) Anywhere from 6-10 players, blinds are $0.15/$0.3, max buy-in $300.

These players are pretty good at NLHE, but they have really crappy starting hand requirements at O8.

I have $300 and everyone else at the table has more than or about the same as me, since I arrived late. I get AcKcKxTy in early position, limp. There's a raise behind me and 3 calls, I call also. The pot is like, $20 or so now. There are two people behind me and the BB in front of me.

The flop is KsJs5x. Now I have top set Kings, but there are straight and flush draws as well as a backdoor low draw out there. I check, intending to check-raise all-in when the raiser just behind me bets. But he checks and it is all checked around. That sucks!

The turn is 5s. This is a good card for me, because I have the top full house now, while flush draws made it. The big blind bets $20. Now I am thinking of whether I should slowplay this and hope someone behind me raises, or whether I should raise now and see if anyone's got a smaller FH. But while I am considering his, the raise behind me says "call" and puts in $20.

I say "wait, I haven't acted yet!" and then take a minute or so to decide and then just call the $20. Now, the raiser asks the dealer, "can I raise now? I called out of turn, but I want to raise!" I have no comment, but the dealer says it's ok since the out of turn call wasn't a valid action. So he raises to $50.

I am happy when the third guy behind him calls, and then the big blind folds. So now there's $160 in the pot. I raise to $150, which is an additional $100 for them both. They both call, which is pretty amazing to me. Now there's $490 in the pot and I have $155 behind.

The river is a blank and I go all in for my remaining $155. The original raiser thinks and calls, and then the last guy says "I'm pot committed" and calls, too. The original raise turns over JJA5, and the last guy turns over QsTs5 and another blank, which I forgot.

This is a hand which is like that.
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