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Hi all,
Recently, my van's cruise control stopped working. Anyway, Here's my experience summed up in a letter I wrote to Honda Canada:

Honda Canada
Fax 416-287-4776

Dear Honda Canada representative,

I am writing to you about service appointment I had at Sisley Honda, 88 Steeles Ave. West, Thornhill.
I have a 2003 Odyssey EX-L and as part of my purchase, I have bought 6 year extended ‘Bumper to Bumper’ comprehensive warranty. I was told when I bought the car, at Don Valley Honda, that the extended warranty extends the 3 year to 6 years. With all the pamphlets I was provided, it sounded like a good choice. I purchased the extended warranty from Coughburg Honda as their price was the lowest I was offered. Mind you, Don Valley claimed they did not mark up the warranty price and did not budge on the price ( which was double what I paid).

Back to today’s issue. Earlier this week I made an appointment with Sisley to have them examine and fix 2 issues I had with the cruise control ( stopped working) and driver side power sliding door ( acting up at times). Edgar, the service advisor at Sisley stated that each of the items requires a diagnostic fee of 1 hour labour charge ( 103 before tax). We went over what could be the cause of the failures and since my door issue was intermittent, I decided to go ahead with the diagnostic for the cruise control. After 2 hour wait, and a very frustrated wife and kids, we were told that the Cable Reel, an electrical connection mechanism through steering column, would amount to an additional $310 ( parts and labour) to replace.

Frankly, I am told that the extended warranty only covers this part to the 5th year. I am simply flabbergasted. Why is this part not covered? For every issue I have with the car, I have to pay a diagnostic fee and my supposed bumper to bumper extended warranty no longer covers issues such a Cable Reel ( which I can’t even fathom to be part of a wear and tear ). Effectively, this type of ‘pay for diagnostics’ approach completely throws the concept of an estimate out the window. With what Edgar told me on what’s covered and what’s not, it pretty much renders the coverage as nothing more than a crap shoot and by no means extends the 3 year initial coverage. The ‘insurance’ plan I purchased seems to me like a big waste of my money.
What’s more, I see absolutely no purpose in purchasing the warranty as what’s covered is quite questionable and requires an upfront fee to determine if the issue is part of said ‘bumper to bumper’ extended warranty. This experience has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth considering I stood behind your brand and personally recommended 3 of my relatives and 3 close friends to buy a Honda car/van.
Warranty = Peace of mind.
Warranty = Owner satisfaction.
This pretty much throws your concept out the window.

I hope we can resolve this issue as I would hate to lose faith in the Honda brand.


After I wrote the letter, I went to the dealership and tried to get an answer to why it wasn't covered. They explained that's all due to the Honda Canada policies. They showed me a printout of the part flagged as a Major part and covered under the 5 year powertrain warranty but for some reason does not extend to the comprehensive extended warranty I purchased. What's more I grabbed the warranty form and examined the contents, there's no mention of cruise control on the exceptions. The dealership gave me some spiel that it's part of the restraint system. Whatever.

What really surprised me is that the Honda Canada rep asked me if I was a good customer of the dealership, if I did all the major services with them. So, my insurance coverage is effectively dependent on how much I contributed to the bottom line of the dealership.

Frankly, I am considering contacting the papers for getting them nailed to the wall for such crap.

Any ideas?

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