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The American Left will cheer this because right now it's in style for them to want to force others to eat less junk food.

But to the 18,000 middle class families who will probably NOT find equal wage and benefits probably means more to them.

18,000 less taxpayers.

18,000 more drains to local, state, and federal budgets.

I feel bad for the kids.

BUT GOOD GOOD GOOD for the American Left. Eventually this stuff is going to come to their Whole Foods enclave via budget cuts and crime.

And that's awesome.

OBAMA 2012

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The Teamsters union, which represents 7,500 Hostess workers, has been sharply critical of the smaller Bakers' decision to strike, saying it was forcing the company to the cusp of liquidation.

Surprising that the Teamsters union would publicly critize another union striking. The Teamsters recognized that the strike could cause Hostess to fold.
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Here's hoping it evolves into TwinkieGate.

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