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I gotta say that I'm getting discouraged about this whole investing thing from Japan.

I seems as though one can't invest in their own retirement from Japan as a Canadian expat:-?

I have contacted virtually every broker I can find and so far I haven't found a single one who can say yes to this question.

As a Canadian expat resident in Japan:

Can I get a tax deferred or tax exempt DRP account?

I want to invest for retirement. I will likely become a permanent resident in Japan. I DO NOT speak or read Japanese well enough to do this in Japan ( realistically for at least for the next 5 years ).

I'm 45 and I have the bulk of my retirement savings being professionally managed, but I would really like to take a small amount of my savings and grow it myself through what I'm learning here.

I looked at the Fool funds, no good, I'm not American.

Is there ANY LEGAL ( not fraudulently claiming to be in Canada / a Canadian resident ) method or brokerage through which I can properly take advantage of the information here?

I would really appreciate any advice as to how I can do that.

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Tim,
I am also in Japan, but I'm a Brit, anyway, have you tried interactive brokers, I just did a quick check and there is Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.
I joined interactive Japan, and then jumped across to interactive brokers U.S.
If you do eventually join, please ask for my details, scratch my back type thing;)
Cheers Doc.
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