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I'm looking at a used 2002 Toyota Sienna LE. It's got 149K miles on it, and as far as the owner can remember, he's never replaced the timing belt.

Does the 2002 Toyota Sienna LE have a non-interference engine?
I searched and searched trying to find some definitive answer to this question, but I can't. Maybe I'm not searching in the right place?

I found this list of engines:

For 3.0L Toyota, it shows this:
3.0L Inline 6 (Except 1998 2JZ-GE) Non-Interference
3.0L Inline 6 VVT-i (1998 2JZ-GE) Interference
3.0L V6 Non-Interference

If I understand that correctly, I can just look and if the cylinders are in one long line, then it's an interference engine, but if they're in two rows of three each, then it's non-interference.

Is that right?

Is there any way I can find out before I go look at the car? (The owner doesn't know.)
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Challenge Accepted, lol...

So I'm assuming you've verified that this Sienna has a 3.0L engine?

Based on the data you found, inline and V6 can both be non-interference. Looks to me like all 3.0L Toyotas are non-interference, except for the 1998 2JZ-GE. And you're not going to find that one in the Sienna.

Here's info on the engine in the Sienna

The 1MZ-FE covered Siennas through 2003. 2004 switched to the 3MZ-FE. Based on this forum post:
it sounds like the 2004 "2nd gen" definitely has an interference engine with the 3MZ-FE.

The 1MZ-FE seems interesting, lots of discussion and maybe even misinformation. Someone is quoted as saying that VVT-i versions of the 1MZ-FE are interference, and non VVT-i versions have valve depressions to reduce the chance of contact.

Note that a 2002 Sienna could apparently have either type of engine, according to the list of models/engines given. So pop the hood and look for VVT-i logos.
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If the timing belt breaks and the top end is destroyed - interference.

If the timing belt breaks and the top end isn't destroyed, really lucky with the valves in the perfect spot at failure or non-interference.

Wait, you mean how do you know before it breaks?
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Well, I had a mechanic look at it, and he says it is an interference engine. He couldn't check out the timing belt, but he did say that the bolts on the cover had no scratches or scuff marks to suggest they had ever been removed.
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