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How do I choose a broker? Are Robinhood or Interactive brokers good?
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Most brokers do a very good job and many discount brokers no longer charge commissions for stock trades.

A few brokers offer special services that might be a factor. Some have more bonds to choose from. Some may offer access to IPOs. etc.

I use Fidelity and do almost everything on line. But they do have local offices. So if some question comes up that needs explanation, they are available. I think that is a plus. Others like Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade also have local offices in addition to their online site.

Most brokers offer free online research these days. Some have better websites than others.

Choose the one with the best services you plan to use.
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There's a page comparing a non-inclusive variety of discount brokers here:

And an article discussing how to pick one here:

And a discussion board where you can talk with other Fools about the pros and cons of discount brokerages here:

Many brokers offer referral rewards, so once you've picked the right broker for you, ask around to see if there's a fellow Fool who would be willing to refer you!

Who suggests exploring the sites you're most interested in and choose the one that feels most right...

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To your due diligence with and Charles Schwab. TD Ameritrade is in the process of being bought out by Charles Schwab.

I use Robinhood for trading cryptocurrencies. Only trade when my charts tell me exactly when to buy and when to sell.
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Thank you! which charts do you use?
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Thank you!
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If you want to make money like a swing trader, day trader, cryptocurrency trader. 5 day 180 minutes, use the Barchart. Barchart screams at you to buy or sell. If you want the cheat sheet and how to use bar chart, just yell. When you review the two (2) simple rules, you will never look at another chart in making money the olde fashion way. if you can see this chart. You have to register for FREE to see other good stuff.

the signal to buy was on 6/29. We would be waiting for the Sell signal. The bottom panel gave the confirmation at the xover. Buy signal was on 6/16/2020 and the sell signal was on 8/4/2020. To buy MSFT we have to wait for the next buy signal.

These charts show two (2) simple rules to buy and or sell the stock. That freaking simple. The hardest part is to wait and wait.

the next chart is

1. if you click on the "Looking for the old version of Frestockcharts? in blue small letters. It will send you to the TC2000 software. We do not want that.

2. so you need the old IE with the gold halo.
at the bottom left corner where it says type here to search.
type in Internet explorer. then click on the globe with the gold halo.

3. when you get the IE. type in in the top URL.
again this time click on the " looking for the old version of FreestockCharts?
then click on the "Run Legacy Freestockcharts" big blue tab if this works. on the chart type MSFT or any stock, you may want to see.

You might have to do a little construction.
top panel I have is the exp moving average of 20 and exp moving average 60 and vwap.

next panel down is MACD 12 26 exp moving average 0

next panel down is MACD histogram 12 26

Freestockcharts show the cleanest and easy on the eyes.

Save the chart as your master chart. Every time you call up Freestockchart, it will pop up showing the last chart you saw.

other ugly charts are as follows. showing MSFT 8/4/20 shows the sell signal. in inglish what the heck is this chart yelling you. Your question is to tell me when to buy and when to sell.

Hope the above mess can be of some assistance. Just take your time to digest the information.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire.....Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily.
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