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It looks like a friendly little space.

Probably some of my own innate cowardice is to blame, but my own humble writing aspirations are beginning to show a few buds, so I'm excited to try and keep the momentum going.

Full disclosure: Thus far I'm writing about old comic books. I've had two pieces published in BACK ISSUE magazine thus far with two more in the hopper and one yet to be completed, but due to a series of fortunate events and at least one big surprise I got my name on a cover of a book this year about the comic and commercial artist, Nick Cardy.

I did not, however, want to sink into self-promotion, but to share a little good fortune and hopefully be a helped and helpful contributor to the group!

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You showed up just in time.

You can start on that novel on Nov. 1 and wrap it all up on the 30th.
Start that outline now--you'll want to start right away on the first.

~welcome aboard!
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