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Watched an interesting TEOTWAWKI movie tonight on Netflix, "How It Ends." Yeah, it's over dramatized and people on this board would scream about the stupid things people do, and plot errors and cars exploding randomly. But, it was actually, I thought, a pretty good depiction of what it would be like if things totally went to sh!t without warning.

I don't want to give away too much because I'd like to hear what others think after they watch the movie. Would be interested to hear what you guys think.
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I finally got around to watching this recently. Trying to stay spoiler-free.

I thought the movie did a good job presenting the fog of a sudden, world-changing event. We're shown some things without context or explanation. The characters (and by extension, us) are left to wonder what it means. The movie never really commit to what was happening. We're left to wonder.

There was far too much scavenging of resources along the way. Finding gas along the way when it's needed. That was not realistic at all. If your plan involves finding gas free for the taking, you need a new plan.

"Will" is a good proxy for Everyman. Smart, but lacking skills necessary to survive outside civilization. His people skills turned out to be very important in persuading people to help along the way.

"Tom" is his opposite. Tom sees immediately that what's happening is either a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI event and acts accordingly. He's prepared to deal with it. Except for his car. Can't have everything.

"Meg" is believable. Scared but staying put in a safe place. It looked like she had enough supplies to last a while. The town of Ashland Heights looked like they were ready for a siege.

"Ricki" made no sense to me and I started to wonder why her character was in the movie at all. I would have written her out, or only kept the cameo where Tom and Will first meet her.

Overall I thought it did a fairly good job presenting TEOTWAWKI. Story could have been better but it held my attention.


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