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2 things to keep in mind....

1.)Obama is a brilliant politician, regardless of current politica fortunes. He has plenty of time to rebound and even if he stays at 51%, he's got a weak GOP that still lacks a message or messenger.

2.)What we're seeing thus far is a combination of someone being solely the product of academia with little executive experience, and someone who is a tad arrogant to assume this health reform would've been smooth. He outsourced his Presidency to Pelosi and he needs to get it back.

Anyway as someone Right of Center I disagree with much of what the Dems want, BUT I applaud Obama for shining the light on a tough issue. And he's right, SOMETHING needs to be done, because inaction will yield consequences that are severe, out of control, economic and affect quality of life.

Obama needs to move INCREMENTALLY, and co-opt 6 GOP Senators and win over a few centrist Dems. To do that he must ditch the public option, and instead get SOME reforms in motion. The Citizenry will applaud this and Obama will win back some credibility as the results of incremental reform are felt. Then WITH a true ability to govern in the Senate, with trust of the people, he can go further. Obama must understand that while his party controls the government, it's a vocal minority that can be it the GOP politically, or how the minority Sunnis misbehaved in Iraq. Once he takes the WHOLE PACKAGE off the table, he disarms the GOP. Then.....

1.)Play a trick on the GOP: PUBLICLY, PRIME-TIME stand at the podium and ask "I ask every Republican you believe that health insurance needs to stay the same, OR do you feel SOMETHING has to be done to make it better and more affordable?"

***Recall 2004. Bush publicly asked Kerry: "Given what you know now, would you have still invaded Iraq"? Kerry said 'yes' and that not only established Bush as commanding the debate, it disarmed Kerry on what could've been his issue.

Of course, no GOP Senator is gonna tell his voters that current health insurance is pretty.

2.)Now the GOP has admitted need for reform. So with a few centrist GOP and Dem Senators, craft incremental, common sense based reforms....

1.)Allow interstate competition amongst health insurers.

2.)Allow reimportation of drugs, OR forbid any Pharma who takes Fed money to sell drugs to nations with price controls.

3.)Allow small businesses to pool together, spread the risk, and thus lower costs to employee and business.

4.)Establish competition amongst drug RETAILERS. Americans use the internet to solicit lowest price 'bids' from hotels, airlines, car dealers. Why not drugs? So if someone needs XYZ drug, he instantly checks 4 retailers and buys from the cheapest one. This is NOT government control, it's FREE MARKET...see if the GOP can counter that!

5.)CORPORATIONS who outsource/manufacture a MAJORITY of their jobs, yet get their primary revenue from America MUST be taxed PER JOB OUTSOURCED, with proceeds to be used to insure the poor or pre-existing condition people. In return, we'll cut the corporate tax rates for corporations who move their jobs back to the USA.

6.)Replace medical paperwork with current day I.T.

MOST of this is revenue neutral.

MOST of this can be done rather quickly, and MOST of it can be understood by the average American rather than some obscure 1000 page bill.

The GOP can NOT ARGUE with most of this.

****Oh yeah, Obama could get this passed*****

It would be a fine start. It would give Obama some credibility and political capital towards pushing reforms further at a future date.

This would be more productive, and politically better than right now, where Obama's only hope to "get it all" is to go it alone. Does he and his party REALLY want to own the debt, deficit going forward" Do they REALLY want to be blamed every freaking time someone's doctor bill is too high, or something get's screwed up?

With my prescription, everyone wins. Not a final victory, but a win nevertheless.


PS: And the Daily Koz/Ann Counlter types would be totally sidelined as extremists can NOT make hay out of moderation.
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