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Arguably, SpaceX is a disruptor New Paradigm.
Starlink, a subsidiary of SpaceX, certainly appears to be disrupting the legacy internet providers, with high speed, LEO satellite, internet service.

Tom Nash offers a suggestion for how to "own" a piece of SpaceX/Starlink today... while SpaceX/Starlink is still a private company.

Google owns some SpaceX, through a private investment.
Buy some Google. True, by owning Google shares, you get all the other stuff that makes up Google, and your piece of SpaceX/Starlink is small...


I enjoy watching Tom Nash. He's irreverent and uses spicy language, which I find amusing.
If irreverence and "bad" words stress you... don't watch Tom.
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Starkink? LOL

When there was talk about the Starlink IPO, Musk tweeted that Tesla owners (investors?) would get special treatment to invest in the IPO, no details given.

20 years ago attempts at satellite internet ventures went broke, Iridium, GlobalStar, and another whose name I forget. Today, it is claimed, that LEO satellites are cheaper to build than optic fiber broadband. A long time ago cell phones became cheaper than copper cables. My guess is that satellite internet has crossed the chasm.

With the Starship they can orbit hundreds of satellites per launch and with laser interconnects between satellites they don't need earthbound relay stations.

Denny Schlesinger
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