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My wife and I are going to Yellowstone National Park from June 23 to June 30. As we don't know much about travel, can anybody help advise us what is the best route for us to enjoy our trip starting from Cody? How can we reserve the hotels? Here are some information about our trip:

1) We will land in Cody airport, Wyoming and start from Cody.
2) We would like to visit Grand Teton National Park too.
3) We wonder where we should reserve hotels. Right now, we only reserve the first night in Cody. We assume that as we drive, we will stay in different places each night. But we don't know where along the way we should reserve the hotel. If we don't reserve the hotels in advance, it might be very difficult to do that on the spot.

We would appreciate it if you can recommend some good websites for renting a car or planning our trip. Right now we have checked expedia, travelocity, hotwire, AAA websites and bought the book "Guide to the National Parks". Unfortunately the guide doesn't not indicate the route starting from Cody airport.

Thanks a lot for everybody's help.
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You want to make reservations today, like right after reading this message. In the park, you want to stay at the Old Faithful Inn. Outside, probably in West Yellowstone. Jackson, which is the gateway to Grand Teton, may be a bit easier to find a place but you want to reserve there too since when you are going is the beginning of the high season.

The park brochure tells you where to visit. The answer is everywhere.

The route from Cody to the park is easy: just take Rte 14 west. The drive, however, is exciting. Fun, but exciting, and you want to make sure the brakes work. I've done it twice in the opposite direction. The second time it was with college friends and I insisted on being the driver for that stage, though we all shared the driving chores. Once we got down they didn't feel so insulted about my insistence.

By necessity, you will be driving a lot, probably a couple of hundred miles a day.

Some months ago I did a Google search on West Yellowstone, it came up rather easily. I haven't looked for Jackson.
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We have been to Yellowstone many times and I'm glad you have a week because it takes that long to really see the park.

While you are in Cody, Wyoming you might want to take the time to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center before leaving or upon your return.

You will need reservations if you want to stay in the park and I highly recommend staying in the park. Here is the link for places within Yellowstone.

The Old Faithfull Inn will probably be booked up, but maybe you can get in on a cancellation. Back in 1973 we stayed in the cabins at Old Faithful, Roosevelt and Mammoth Hot Springs. They are very rustic. We only camp now. If you can not find lodging in the park then I would suggest West Yellowstone and Gardner.

From Cody you will probably just take Hwy 20 to the East Entrance. There are so many options of which way to go once you get in the park. Maybe you should see where you can get reservations. We find that we end up doing a lot of driving but it is so beautiful it doesn't matter. You should probably check the road conditions because there has been a lot of construction going on in the last few years.

If you have the time and want to take a beautiful drive I would suggest the Beartooth Highway Scenic Byway Highway 212 . We did this drive for the first time last summer. It was so magnificant! If you do decide to do this drive you could do it on your way out at the Northeast entrance and then make your way back to Cody, WY using Hwy 296.

There are many geyser areas in the Old Faithful area. Check in at the visitor center to find out when some of the other geysers are predicted to go off. Old Faithful they can predict within in 10 minutes but others geysers can have a window of a couple hours to a couple of days. Sometimes you can just luck into a really good one like Riverside Geyser or Grand Geyser. Here is a good link:

You can do the Grand Tetons on a day trip from Yellowstone or you could spend the night there. If you spend the night make sure you go at dusk to the Jackson Lake Lodge to watch the moose. Last year we spotted no less than 5 moose. Two were a Mom and her baby.

Take all kinds of clothes! It can be warm, hot or snow! We usually find the weather this time of the year to be good but we did hit a snow day in mid July once. Go prepared. Also be warned that there are BIG mosquitoes so bring insect repellent, expecially on the Cookout!

Wildlife can be spotted anywhere but the best place we have found is Hayden Valley in the early morning or at dusk. We've spotted a grizzly bear, moose, bald eagle, elk, deer and herd of buffalo there in the past.

I hope I haven't over loaded you too much. One more fun thing to do is take a Stagecoach ride for a Old West Cookout from the Roosevelt Lodge. These are last years rates but they should be updating the page shortly.

If you have any other questions please ask:)


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Thanks Utahtea and JABoa for your information.

We checked the yellowstone lodging yesterday and it was all booked up. What other choices do we have to find a place to stay? Do you have other hotel recommendations? If we want to camp, what do we need to buy and how to camp inside the yellowstone park?

Thanks a lot.
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We checked the yellowstone lodging yesterday and it was all booked up

Ooops! Except for 27 years ago, we have always camped so I can't recommend a place to stay outside of the park. I just know that West Yellowstone, Montana will probably be your best bet to find a motel and it is closest to the geyser area if you have to stay outside of the park. You can make day trips from West Yellowstone and still see everything in the park.

Camping in the park. There are a few campgrounds that are first come first serve but they fill up FIRST thing in the morning because they are the smaller campgrounds. I've never stayed at these.

In the past we have stayed at either Bay Bridge on the eastern side and Madison on the western side. Both of these campgrounds we were able to make sameday reservations in July a few years ago but we had a motorhome and could keep moving if we didn't find a place. If you decided to camp I would suggest making advance reservations. Madison has a tent only area and you might like that. At both campgrounds the campsites are VERY close together.

To camp you will need a tent because it can rain and could get cold at night. If there are only the two of you just don't make the mistake of getting a two man tent! They are tooooo small. Get at least a 3 man tent so you have a little room to move around! You can get small lightweight easy to set up tents. You will need blankets or sleeping bags and maybe sleeping mattress depending on how comfy you want to sleep. I'm sure you could purchase all this stuff in Cody. If you can rent a van maybe you could sleep in that.

Since you are flying in and won't beable to bring a lot of things I would suggest eathing out or you will need a cooking stove, pans, utencils, plates, washing buckets, etc., etc.

They sell wood for campfires at the campgrounds so all you would need would be matches.

You might try getting reservations at the Grand Tetons in the middle of your trip so you could enjoy a good shower:) There are places in the park to take showers.

Hope you have a good trip:)


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