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Hi. I am Abadou. I am Hochizen's friend. He lets me use his netwebscreen to post on the Miserly Fool. I am not like him because I am a good Republican.


I decided to go campaign for our Bestest Ever President Bush tonight. I figured the best way to do it was to show everyone that WOLVES ARE COMING TO KILL US!!!!WOLVES WOLVES WOLVES!!!!!!

So I dressed up like a wolf. It really looked real! I put a bunch of hair from an old wig I bought at the second hand store on my face and I put on my BUSH KILLS WOLVES t shirt and I went canvasing tonight.

EVERYONE loves President Bush!!!!! I went and knocked on peoples doors and even people who had Kerry signs on their lawn smiled at me and gave me candy but some people told me "you are kind of old for this aren't you" and I said "you are never too old for this and right now President Bush is doing the same thing I am" and then they would laugh and say you are right....and give me more candy!

I figured if people are so kind to give me candy even if they have a Kerry sign on their lawn well someone must have played a trick on them and put the sign there so I went back later and took the sign down. One good turn deserves more turns, right? Right!

So I bet both myself and President Bush were both treated well tonight! Can anyone doubt he will be elected?

Then I see the liberals at the Musty Fool have banned Vile. See I told you the liberals hate conservatives! Remember not too long ago when one of my posts was pulled? Well the one thing you can't do is silence a man by keeping him quiet! I bet right now Vile has been doing the same thing I did to help support our President and besides he should be able to say whatever he wants about liberals because liberals are wrong and full of hate and unamerican ideas so they should just shut up and support our President or their votes just shouldn't be counted! THAT is the American way!

People talk about rules like they are some kind of laws or something! Doesn't the Moldy Fool realize rules only apply to DemocrATs? Republicans know what is best so they don't need the rules!

Oh and here is another thing. I was walking along getting rid of the Kerry signs that someone had put on the lawns of people who support President Bush because he kills wolves, and who do I see doing the same thing? Chief Justice Renquist!!!! He was wearing his robes and everything and when I saw him I told him "I think you are the Bestest Judge Ever!" and he said "Thank you Abadou!"

Well you could have knocked me over like a feather! He knew my name!!!!

I asked him "Judge how do you know me?" and he said "Abadou, we are aware of the good you do. We know you are truly one of the best voices for modern Republicans. We have our eye on you, and we think you have a bright future in the party. I will leave you now, you keep on taking those signs." I said "Yes sir, Mr. Judge your Honorarium! Thank you."

So the Judge got into his car and drove off, and I was doing what a SUPREME COURT JUDGE told me to do, and then here comes Officer Joseph who gives me a big problem and says he doesn't want to take me to jail dressed like that and he made me put back all the signs and now Officer Joseph has gone against a DIRECT ORDER of the Supremo Court so I bet he is in a BUNCH of trouble. And I would have even given him a Snickers bar, a big one, if he hadn't been so mean!

Turn down candy and ignore the law of a Supremo Court Judge! THAT is what Democrats do? How can ANYONE say Kerry could do a better job than our President?

Bush is the Bestest President Ever That Kills Wolves! RAW RAW RAW!!!!!

I am Abadou. By Buy
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