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Just sending a HUG to you all and hope life isn't being too hard on you.

I had a garage sale on Saturday and sold my video camera so my material things now leave me with my PC, a cordless phone and a bloody car in perfect condition I can't sell..

Patience is not my middle name!!!!

This is the add I have placed on various boards, if you pop in, can you give me your thoughts?

In car sales yards cars like mine (one owner and logs) a selling for $9-10,000

Very pampered 1994 Hyundai Sonata GLE

• White,2 litre, 5 speed manual
• LOW genuine 81,000 klms (approx. 50,000miles)
• Log books & service history
• Registered until 21st September 2002
• Power steering, Air conditioned
• Electric windows & Antenna
• Tinted windows, central locking
• Lots of accessories
• ZERO rust. ZERO leaks
• Perfect interior
• Reliable & economical motoring.

$8,400 or near offer
Inspections welcome

Please drop in, I miss you guys.

Kerri (today I didn't gamble)

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I'm still here and still buying instant tickets. My problem is the time spent waiting. I had to take my Mom to the doctor so while I waited-I drove to the store and bought tickets. Today it will happen again-waiting for her to grocery shop!! I should take a book to read or something.
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Great to hear from you.
Isn't it amazing how we have our own alternatives (I should take a book to read or something.) and don't abide by them!!!

Anyhow Connie, I am here...remember that always!!!
I can't stop your ticket addiction however, I can try over time.

Mr. Time always rules.


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A book is a good idea, really anything that will prevent you from buying the tickets.


****3 weeks from last bet and counting****
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Hey Rams,

Great to see you again.

I Agree with the book idea.
We don't have ticket machines here in Oz so I can't picture what they are like.
I would presume they are just like vending machines?

It isn't fair to have these kind of demon gambling machines available.
How do you ban yourself from these?

I wish connie would call a hotline or look up GA or something for help.
We have all been where she is (and still there if we weaken)


Kez (did not gamble today, it's been 3 weeks for me now and like you rams I am still counting)
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Thankfully, I've never had the urge to play the scratch
off games. My weakness is the Blackjack table, just can't
seem to "know when to walk away". Anyway, we must stay strong
if we are to conquor this addiction. It is possible and I'm
here to help.

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I am overwhelmed with our different Gambling addictions..

There are so many ways to earn the title Mr/Mrs LUCK!!!(without success)

My person addiction is Poker Machines (Slots)..I am a Computer Nurd and slots are a Computer, pre programmed on the loser or the lucky Winner with only $1 in the slot.

Sctachies, as we call them here I may buy one if I have a couple of bucks and Impulse buy...I really don't care about them.
I would still like to know more regarding this!

BlackJack..I could understand an obsession with that!! However I have only played it at home, playing for matches and fun. I Play Blackjack on my computer and that satisfys me.

There is also the Horse Racing, and in this country Greyhound racing, the Trot racing..The big one being the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday of November every year.

I don't care about that. I don't care about scratch Tickets, I don't care about Black Jack or Roulette.

HOWEVER!!!!! we all walk in the same shoes of glutony. I don't even know if it is called an ADDICTION!!!....I would prefer to call it an Obsession meaning enjoyment that we can't afford.
Obsession meaning escape from the shit that we can't face or don't have the courage to look in the eye.

When we gamble we see our lives going to hell. We acknowledge the subconcious nagging in our ears wishing it to stop, or not gamble in the first place.

Some (like me) find it to be a temporary escape from reality only to step outside, once again and want the earth to open up a hole and swallow me.

Excuse!!! WOW!!! we are winners there don't you think??

Heavy stuff...Admitting Gambling addiction is complex, like I wrote above..

A lot of people would say they are not Obsessed with gambling because they focus on one particular passion of loss/win

My opinion is:
IF YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO HELL OVER MONEY/GAMBLING...lift up both your hand in the air like a scale and weigh up the pro's and cons.

Two weeks ago I pledged on my partners and my relationship that I will not gamble unless he is with me.
Mentally I see him as being a pain in the arse and 'in the way' if we do go and play the slots...BUT!!!! It isn't worth losing him.
Material things are disappearing fast to cover debts. I don't want to lose my soul mate.
If that happened I will die. "I WILL DIE"

Connie, I don't have much more to offer verbally outside of what I have already said.


Stick around please. I have a feeling we can help a lot of people in the future if they are prepared to help themselves..

How are you and your wife going?...have you gone to a GA meeting lately?

Kez (just starting to withdraw from the need to gamble after 3 weeks, however has the bills paid..(not much food in the place but I don't owe too much except credit card)

Lurkers!!!! Please join in:o)

I am active on the non smoko board also (and I am smoking again) I have been honest and my posts have slowed down with contribution.

Please, you don't have to be a gambling quitter to drop in. All you have to do is acknowledge your compultion and share.

Bella, I am going to e-mail you right now to encourage you to step in..

Kez is weak, she has banned herself from gambling clubs so I have no choice.
Kez is strong!!! and know I have a lot to offer regarding 30 years of gambling in my belt.

Love to all


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