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I am in almost all of the stocks that you stated. I am not in Mitey or Keppel, though.

I am in CSR, AOB,GSI, PBR, MPEL, GIGM, BAM, OMTR, EBIX, JLL,MVL, CRESY,CGAG in my retirement account. See not much commodities. I recently sold SSL because I don'think CTL or GTL will be as big as I once thought it was. That technology uses way too much water and they have not solved the problem of Carbon Dioxide sequestration. CTL or GTL may not be a reality for a long while to come. Oil supplies must be depleted a little more.

In my non retirement account I have CFSG, CSR, AOB, EBIX, RIG, CHK CBI, NUE, INFN, GIGM, WGOV, TLK, DHIL, and MVC. Thinking about buying NETC.

My favorite stocks are real estate plays....small cap China related stocks, Brazilian stocks, and Telecom. I am very much on the look out for energy stocks and commodity stocks. I believe the upside on commodities will be huge over the next several years.

I believe the prices on such things such as Lithium, Palladium, Oil, Iron, Titanium, and Copper will go farther than much people expect. Some of the charts on those things might be scary to look at in the future......almost like POT is now. It is hard to look at the chart of POT and invest in it..the rise has been incredible over the last several years. I looked at the story and I believe POT story could last another 3 to 5 years but I still can't bring myslf to invest in it but CGAG is a stock that has not been chased yet so that is why I am building a position there.

As for oil going real low....I hope not. It will stop invesment by many oil companies in future projects if it goes to the price you predict. The rubberband effect to over $175 will not be pretty...I don' want the price that high in the near term or medium term....because I might start to become to expensive to travel to Asia which I love.

$100 dollars for a barrel is a happy medium.....don't need prices too much below that. That price will encourage Oil companies to go full speed ahead with their projects and keep volatility lower.

Steel will also be big because of all the projects people are talking about building. Oil rigs, pipelines, ships, the whole energy infrastructure as a whole requires a massive amount of steel

As for Al Queda not striking...LOL....Let's just say my friends think I am crazy because I went to Bali about 6 months or so after the bombing there. They thought I was crazy but I knew it was perfectly safe. Afer a bombing like that happens security gets intensified and everyone is on the watch for terrorist activity. It is usually when everyone is talking about terrorism that the least amount of terrorist incidents happen. The safest time to go to Bali was in the year after the terrorist bombing. All the Australians and Europeans (the targets) had packed their bags and gone home. The goverment in Bali was intent on restoring their image and making it safe. It was the safest place in the world. The place is much less safe now in my opinion because everyone thinks it is ok to travel again making it once again a ripe target.

There has not been a terrorist incident in awhile...most people are complacent.....therefore I expect one. I have worked on ships going through that area of the world (Middle East). The terrorist threat there is more than gets reported in the everyday news. Al Queda loves to strike when it is unexpected....when people say now is not the right time so we can relax our guard....that time is the best. It is a guerilla war...the best time to strike is when everyone says it is nice and safe...playbook from the Viet Cong in the Tet Offensive:

We have not had a terrorist incident in awhile and no one is talking about another....therefore I expect one. For me now is the unsafest time to be traveling....Let's just say I am more aware.

I am currently in Singapore. I have some very interesting observations about the place that I will write about later. Singapore is very much a extremely safe stealth way to play both the rise of China and India. Most of the population of Singapore is first Chinese, second Indian and third Malay. Singapore businessmen have big connections into both China and India. They don't all the time win. Witness Singapore Airlines failed bid for China Eastern Airlines:

But Singaporean companies will have their share of wins in the coming years in both China and India as well as the rest of ASEAN. Now is a excellent time to begin invesments ino SGF...The Singapore Fund. There are many excellent companies in that fund including CapitaLand, City DEV, Keppel, some major Singaporean banks (which are some of the best), and lots of top notch logistics companies. Sinaporeans are noted for being ahead of the curve which is among the many reasons they do better than Malaysia which is larger and has far more resources.

Rob S
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