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I'm doing a day trip, and stopped at a truck stop in a small town on HWY 290 a short way west of Houston TX.

An unobtrusive 15x25cm, black, block text on white background sign on the entry door to the convenience store.

Inside the store, a 1.5m tall "ATM Coiners" machine next to a regular ATM, advertised "live customer support".

BTC infrastructure is being developed and moving to smaller venues.
I wish I'd been less skeptical of BTC back in 2011-2012!

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Bitcoin ATM's have been popping up everywhere for years. Many of them are in locations that make them available 24x7. Their small form-factor make it ideal for a business owner to make a few bucks and drive potential foot traffic

The premise is simple. Make a cash deposit and it becomes electronic 'currency' that can be deposited to your account. (with a large fee for the owner/maintainer of the ATM).

It's really beneficial to those in all cash businesses.....
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Yeah, I looked at BTC back when it was ~$1200. Thought, 'Nah, sort of faddish and these digital wallets seem a bit complex to me at the moment.' Can't win 'em all...
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